Cokerer Spotted at Montour Trail in Robinson Pennsylvania

Just tossing it out there, my brother and father spotted a man/woman (man or woman, they weren’t that close =/) riding along with a regular style coker frame, in chrome. Happened this weekend sometime.

Would be a lot of fun to ride with other unicyclist from the area (Greater Pittsburgh area). Hoping they will see this or maybe somebody knows them? I mean, a unicyclist owning a coker and not being on this forum? Unheard of!


Nice to know. Hoping to find out who this is. If this fails, I guess a sign or two could work.

If you lived in West Virginia that would be the same guy.


It wasn’t me!

Especially since I don’t have a coker…

It wasn’t me!

Especially since I don’t have a coker…

Thank you for the bumps. Maybe flyer’s.



Was it David?

I was told the frame was in chrome, so I don’t think so.

I personally wasn’t there, and was told they had some trouble mounting, had a few running goes then got it. Was told they look middle aged.

Is Dave, from above, going through PA or something?

I think I’ll put some flyers out calling cokerers. Would be great fun to have at least one person to ride with every once and a while.

EDIT: Haha just found that was for RTL.

Dave Krack — Butler, PA,

It wasn’t me (Dave of Butler). I haven’t hit the Montour trail yet, but can be found in Butler and occasionally Allegheny counties.

I’ve seen the threads on unicycling in PA, but haven’t sent in my $.02 mainly due to the fact most action seems to be in the Philly area. It also seems to mainly focus on street- an area where I have a whole lot of learning to do.

Since RTL I have been out and about on the uni with 6 local mtb races last fall including the “Month of Mud” series in the Pittsburgh region (even got a mention in Dirt Rag). I’ve also been just riding Moby (the 36 Nimbus) for fun with rides in the 25 mile (ish) range.

Most recently we’ve got a club up and running here (indoors) at the Butler YMCA. We’ve met 4 times so far with attendance of 8,8,11, and most recently 14 riders or soon to be riders. Not bad for a month.

I’m hoping to document some happening events in the area on the blog (shameless self promotion). I’m also up for linking up with riders in the Pittsburgh region. After RTL and before the Butler Y, the most other riders I have ridden with is 2. Hopefully that will change.

Thank Ro for thinking of me. Hopefully our paths will cross at an event sometime in the nearer rather than further future.

My interest is piqued. I too now want to know the identity of the mystery Coker rider!

The story grows more intense…

Who is this person?

Nice to hear! I had no idea there were coker riders near me. I’m down for some coker/ muni.

As I said this seems to be a unicyclist who dosn’t use, atleast not regularly. Probably a lurker if they ever have.

Just in case they might see it?