Coker wheels, Tacos, BMX hubs

I’m a newbie, but am already thinking about my 2nd uni. I was into the 29"s but a friend said, “You have to try a Coker!” So I did and loved it. Then started reading all the ins and outs of rims/spokes/hubs on the forums: steel v. aluminum, heavy v. light, Airfoils and Stocktons, etc.

But when I started thinking about rims collapsing it made me think back to my youth (a long time ago) when the first BMX bikes came out – they didn’t have skinny spokes, they had big 5 or 7 spoke aluminum/alloy rims, sometimes with intricate patterns.

This made me wonder why someone is not doing the same with the Coker. Couldn’t a similar type of rim be built that would be super-strong and look cool? (Obviously it would require an equally strong hub).

If the issue is weight, I’m guessing that a bmx-type rim would weigh more, but no more than a steel rim (which some people prefer for the extra mass, and thus momentum it generates) while being way stronger, maybe even stronger than the “Strongest Wheel”.

Interested in hearing thoughts/comments.


A well-built spoked wheel is actually extremely strong, certainly for its weight. It does have to be well-built though to get the best out of it.
I would guess the “mag” style cast wheels would have to be much heavier than a spoked wheel before they would be stronger. If they were produced in large enough quantities (unlikely with coker wheels) they could probably be cheaper than a spoked wheel by a top builder like Dave Stockton, but I’m not convinced they would be better than an average spoked wheel - apart from the unusual look.
Spoked wheels also have the advantage that any slight misalignment can be easily adjusted out - quite important on such a big wheel.
Sorry to be so pessimistic, but I’m not convinced - there’s a reason those BMX wheels died out.


I agree with Rob those plastic BMX wheels were crappy and heavy and their demise was well deserved. A 36" plastic spoked wheel would be so heavy it would be awful to ride.

and a plastic wheel would make it look like a kids toy.

You all make good points. Thanks.

One note, I wasn’t thinking of the plastic version of the BMX wheels, but rather the allow version. Nevertheless, I can see why spokes are better.

or a carbon fibre time trial style wheel!

Do you think we are talking to Donald Trump here^^? :roll_eyes:
Those things aare freakin pricy

ive seen a carbon fibre time trial wheel for 4 grand

The thing is unicyclists do rely to a certain extent on the flex in the spokes, solid carbon wheels will be incredibly stiff, this is why bicyclists don’t use solid CF wheels for road use, only time trial.

Got any pics of these?