Coker w/Airfoil.

Excellent condition.

Nimbus Gel saddle.
Nimbus seat clamp ( dual allen )
Standard chrome frame.
125mm Qu-ax cranks ( have steel 150 or 175 somewhere )
Chromo Hub
Airfoil Rim ( from good batch )
Coker Tire
14G stainless spokes

Ridden around 100 miles on it. Couple of scuffs on the saddle guards and peddles.


Pictures? I’ve always wanted a 36er…

How are you? Do you ride much anymore?

hey there, is your coker still available? how much are you looking for it?
I’m doing a charity tour of Ireland in the summer and am looking out for big wheels so i can teach others and persuade them to join me!

that goes out to the new or potential owner of any 36er out there, take a look at my pages and get in touch if you fancy joining me!

(sorry didnt mean to distract this thread from your sale, just thought this would be relevent to big wheelers looking for adventure :wink: )

cheers, Jai

still for sale, if the gallery was working there is a pic, but I’m really busy atm.