Coker v2

I’m trying to sell off my Coker v2 with the handle bar set and brakes. It needs a new set of cranks but other than that it’s golden. I don’t ride it anymore and would rather get ahold of a good trails bicycle. MSG me if anyone is interested.


Where in the world are you?

I have spare OE cranks for this. Short, and long. I’d sell for 20 bucks a pair…

I think I have some spare spokes too. I definitely recommend having one or two kicking around, they are hard to get quickly and they do occasionally break. It’s a good wheel, though, I still have one in my son’s KH/Coker hybrid.


To all

The unicycle is located in Tennessee. I will drive up to an hour to meet someone. Otherwise the shipping is outrageous.

I will buy the short cranks if they are 125mm (or 127mm) and are coker brand if they are still available for $20 + Shipping. Email me at

Is this still up fore sale?