Coker V2 for sale

Perfect shape about 200 miles on it. Unused seat and post. V-brake. Original box, manuals etc. Over $600 new, will sell for $400 with reasonable shipping included!

If i didn’t just buy a used radial 360 for $290 plus $50 shipping i would so have bought this one and since i like near you i could just pick it up. I will tell my friend about it though.

That is amazing. Curse college expensies.

Slightly off-topic

I know the differences in frame material and geometry. But from a practical point-of-view, what is the difference between the normal Coker and the V2? Weight? Stiffness? Something else?

It is heavier, it is stiffer, it is cooler looking!

can i see pictures?

Yeah, could we I like to see something before I decide to buy it buy it.

Here you go:

coker v2

please check your PMs just sent you 2, thanks

I proably can’t get the money before he does.

my friend is pretty interested. If it doesn’t sell before his birthday then he might get it. or his dad might get it for him for his birthday. he lives here is OC so you won’t have to ship it and he can pick it up or something


I also pm’d you.

The V2 has a new home now! And it’s close so I have a new riding partner.

You sold it to tim on friday right? I wanted to come ride with you guys that day but i was at a friends house and his mom’s friend’s hot daughter was there.:smiley: :smiley: He brought it to the beach today to show it off and i tried it. I tried to turn really sharply i forgot the sand on the concrete and i slid and hit the ground hard.