Coker Tyre pressure??

I ride mine at 50 PSI and I agree, it makes a huge difference climbing hills.

Between 50 and 60 psi depending on when I pumped it up last.

Anything less than 40 and it mings, and doesn’t go where you want it to go. With a high pressure it rides so much nicer.


(Within reason) as hard as possible. I don’t know what PSI it is, but it’s higher than I can get with a mini handpump. A good few shots with a vertical trackpump and I can barely dent it with my thumb. That’s nice.


45 psi - I weigh 175 pounds. Less feels mushy and more makes it too hard to control.

I’d be careful about going above 50 psi with the stock Coker rim. The rim doesn’t hold the tire on that well. Even going up to 50 psi requires that you make sure the tire is seated evenly and correctly in the rim.

With the Airfoil rim you can play around with higher pressure. I don’t know how high you can actually go before the tire fails. But it’s not going to blow off or slip off the rim anywhere are easily as with the stock Coker rim.

I was using 45-50 psi with the stock Coker rim. With the Airfoil I’m running about 40 something psi for XC muni and 50-60 psi for pavement. I haven’t tried anything higher than 60 psi yet as I don’t see the need.

I can tell when I drop below about 40psig because my curb riding goes to pot. The higher pressure gives me the responsiveness that I need for riding curbs at speed. That’s the only place I really notice the 10psi difference.

I ran my tire at 50psig when I had a stock Coker steel rim also. I had no problem with the tire coming off but the steel rims vary quite a bit. I was lucky for awhile. My steel rim folded slightly when I was hopping stairs and I went to an Airfoil after that. I retrued the steel rim before I got the Airfoil but never really trusted it for abusive riding after that.

I still have the old wheel with rubber rimstrip in my basement and anyone who is willing to pay the shipping may have it for free. It probably costs more to ship than the value of the wheel. I wouldn’t make a box for it I would just ship it UPS as is with an address label.

i call dibs on harpers wheel

i sent you a PM

Shipping a Coker wheel to Australia is prohibitively expensive. It’s not worth it for the low quality, already stressed, steel rim version.

i hereby un-dibs Harper’s wheel


It is encouraging to read this thread to know there is still hope for coker tires. I still don’t own a coker, but I tried a coker with low pressure, and with the reccommended pressure during the NZUni weekend and it sucked for going up a hill it just felt like a big weight dragging me down (compared to the 700c tire with 70psi I am used to). Not having experimented with different pressures I started to doubt the potential of the size of the coker wheel, but with more than the standard pressure surely it would perform differently. One of these days I’ll get one…

I was scared to go above the 32psi mark, fearing of a blown tire or something. I am glad it can take a lot more than 32psi.

I am gonna pump it up to 40 today.

go for 50, that’s the sweet spot.

I’ll add another un-useful qualitative comment and say that I don’t know what pressure I run but it’s very soft and squishy compared to most other Coker riders. I like how it soaks up bumps and uneveness on the road and I think it’s faster because of this. Kind of like having suspension.

I also run Tubeless so when riding off-road I can put the pressure right down and not worry about snakebike punctures from bottoming out the tyre.

i dont have a coker but i thought you could go a lot higher than 50 psi.
when i had my slick tyre on my 20" i put it up to 110 psi.

I use 32-33 psi in my Coker tire, found out that is the best pressure for me. I ride most off-road on grawel.

I up’ed my 36" pressure from 25 to 39psi two weeks ago. Now that I’m used to it, I am sold.

At first it seemed squirrelly, definitely noticed the crown in the road more. Now it seems just normal.

I like to lean low around turns and can do that more then ever now.

Also today I did something I didn’t know I could do, while waiting for traffic, I spun around in a tight 2 foot circle 4 times in a row. Guess I’m taking advantage of that higher pressure squirrelness. BTW, It’s not a good idea to get dizzy in an intersection waiting for traffic…

I’ll raise the pressure again next time I ride. :sunglasses:

I find it really easy to do pirouettes on a coker. =p

Ride kinda fast then just pull a sharp turn and do a few spins right there, then continue riding.


I recently got my first 36. An N36d from UDC. I’ve been running 40psi with a TA tire on an airfoil rim.

Today I consulted this thread to see what everyone else was running for psi. I decided to try 50psi. So, I pumped it up, gave the the tire a squeeze and thought it felt pretty good. Just for good measure I decided to give it one more shot from my track pump…BOOM!

Blew the tire right off the rim. My left ear was ringing for about 5 minutes and my hopes of getting out for a ride on this beautiful 35 degree (F) day were blown.

Anyone else had a tube blow out at 50 psi?

The current, under-sized version of the airfoil rim does this -


…I have 40 psi on mine, weigh 225 lbs & use my coker purely on pavement…it looks quite soft & have a harder time on mild uphills…I’ll try 50 psi- thanks!