coker triumph for the day

Well, as my senior project at school is long distance/touring/whatever-you-really-wish-to-call-it unicycling (this really took some persuasion, too), i decided today would be a good day to get off my bum and ride for a while. A week ago when i rode i managed to fall on every little hill i came upon and the one big hill i had never defeated. It was just a bad day. Well today not only did i not fall on any hills, but i even made it to the top of that one hill and stayed on when i got to the top (a little problem of mine). Anyways, that was 3 miles. But my mentor told me that everything after that was flat, so i decided to keep riding. I rode until the end, which was an abrupt stop. Im not sure of the milage yet, but whatever it is i rode it the way back, too. The only reason im posting this is because i feel great. I just really feel good with myself.
Also, i bought the t7 handle a while back. We had to make some major adjustments since i have my seat all the way down, but it didnt help at all. As a matter of fact, it seemed to make it worse. So i took it off last night and i suppose i’ll put it on my 29 inch whenever I get it. But that could have something to do with me being so small: I’m only 5’1" and about 110 lbs, so handling “the beast” can be somewhat tricky. I havnt tried freemounting it yet since i have a hard time just using a railing.
Anyways, ill check back with my mentor to find out how far i really went.

Hey, thats awesome. I think the more practice I think it will be come easier to control. There is also some mental in long distance unicycling. Don’t think about how tired you are getting but think about something totally different. Good Luck!:smiley:

thanks! After i talked to my mentor today i found out that i did a total of 16 miles today! Im so happy, and so very tired.

This past Sunday I did 15 miles. That was awesome.

YAY, congrats my friend. Keep it up. :smiley: :smiley:

16 and 15 is pretty good…
now do 25!! then 30 then 40 then get up to 100!!

This coming September there is a bicycle tour(not a race) beniffiting a summer camp. I am hoping to do the 25 mile ride.:slight_smile:

well since this is all part of my senior project for school, i had to pick something i had little or no experience in. But the contract they drew up for me consists of two unsanctioned events and one sanctioned (a bike race or something). But they will not let me get away with much less than 50 miles for the big events. So i figure 16 miles was a good start and I am going to try to do it again tomorrow morning. We’ll see how it goes.