Coker sunday

Got in a nice little 13 mile ride today. This was the first Sunday in along time that it wasnt dumping snow, which usually doesnt stop me from riding on Sundays. This year the skiing has been to good to uni, so far, but today I got on the GB4 36er and spun for awhile. The temperature was -7 C with a windchill of -20 C. The sun was mostly out which helped warm the body at times. Roads/trails ranged from dry to mostly snowpacked and icy. I am riding here at the bottom of the Gondola on Aspen Mtn. They snowmelt this area for safety of pedestrians. I ride the big circle, (compass) starting with the outside and go until I am spinning on the tire on the inside, fun and it always makes me dizzy. Riding home against the wind was cold on the exposed parts, but otherwise great. Lot’s of great skiing this year, so not much uni, so it was fun to get out again. It’s always great to get outside and uni. Cheers!:slight_smile:

A breath of fresh air, your posts are Mike!

Thank you for the story and the cool photo.

This reminds me of my ride at Mt. Tremblant! Only, there were more people and many of them would get in my way AND stare. That was annoying as hell.

That photo would make a perfect tourist postcard for Aspen.

What’s the deal with Mikes and kewl ride-report style posts?

That pic is now in the wall-paper machine.

Refreshing little write-up, breathtaking picture. Kudos.

Ouch!! Rub it in;)

Sorry underdog, I know your having a terrible snow year, especially coming on the heels of a super year in 05’. It’s definetely a northern winter this year in the west.