Coker Spoke Question - changing from 12gauge vs 14 gauge??

Ok I recently got an Airfoil Coker wheel. I went against better judgment and went with convenience and got a UDC wheel with the 12 gauge cheapo spokes. This was just before they started offering the 14 gauge stainless. My question is, can I now install the 14 gauge spokes. I’m think they drill out the holes on the hub for the 12’s. Will the holes be too big and unworkable for 14’s now?

I would think you could just get some spoke washers and it would work out fine.

Bike tools Etc has them 100 for $2.50.

or the spoke nipples might be a differnt size.

Yeah, at the very least get the spoke washers. I laced 14 gauge without the washers in the large 12 gauge holed hub and it seemed to work, but close inspection showed it was not well. The spokes didn’t lie right, ended up with some gaps were the spokes cross and should touch between the rim and the hub. Then I ordered a new hub with the smaller 14 gauge holes, re-laced and it is perfect.

When did UDC start offering the upgraded 14-gauge spokes? Must be new. I didn’t know they had them.

I don’t know who actually makes them, though.

UDC and 14 ga spokes

I e-mailed UDC last week about the 14 ga stainless spokes and it sounded like they just started selling them.

Has anyone bought a set yet? Any reviews yet? Are they better/different than Tommi Miller’s spokes?
Do they come with Semcycle nipples or another type of nipple that fits the Airfoil spoke hole??