Coker Rimtape?

Hey guys, remember me? I have about two years of post reading to catch up on as well as two years of posting.

Anyway, I’m having a very difficult time mounting a Coker tire on my airfoil rim and I could use any of your suggestions. I’ve already destroyed a couple 29er tubes in the mounting process, so I went ahead and bought a 36inch tube. While attempting to mount the new tube, I realized that a good portion of the Velox rim tape had rolled toward the center of the rim and no longer covered the spoke holes. I had this problem the first time I mounted the tire and a bike shop employee suggested I use rubber cement to help keep the tape in place. I tried this and it helped a little, but apparently not enough.

Has anyone else had this problem? I tried using the search button, but didn’t have any luck. What rim tapes do you all use on your airfoils?


Hey Daniel, good to hear from you.

Here is my recommendation: Use a thin plastic tape and no rim strip. I use a 1" wide polyester tape available from McMaster-Carr. I have had it on my airfoil for 2 years and put it on several others during that time. It makes tire changing much easier as the bead can slide right over it into the recess of the rim. I use two layers stretched very tightly as I wrap it on. Cut or punch the valve hole carefully so that it has a smooth edge to prevent possible tearing at that point. It is very tough and the silicone adhesive does not deteriorate like common tapes do. It also weighs almost nothing.
There may be similar tapes that will work as well that are locally available, I just know this one does work.
Part # for the 18 yd roll is 7630A42, $6.09
Link to page
Also, I have no problems with 29er tubes and love the weight savings.



Hey Scott,
Thanks for the quick reply. That tape looks like it would do the trick. There is a TAP plastics shop near my house, I’ll pop in there and see if they carry it.

If I do order it from MsMaster-Carr, are there any other products helpful for unicyclist on their site?

Now, does anyone have suggestions on a set of nice strong tire leavers?


McMaster has bearings, and any type of fasteners you might want. Offhand I can’t think of anything else specific.

I vote for Pedros!