Coker Question

To those of you who have a Coker or have had a Coker -

I am about 4’ 7" and have an inseam (from floor to crotch) of about 28.5"

Do you think I could fit a Coker by October of even now? If not, how tall would I need to be?

Anyway, a Coker is my new birthday wish… Y’all think it would be a good choice? Would it be fun?

Good thing you made this thread. We really needed another will i fit a coker thread…

(that means use the search feature)

I would say no, I have a 30" inseam and I am just able to ride the coker.

second you are NOT going to get a coker for x-mas, or at least i wouldnt think so, thats one big present. Your pappys wallet would be much lighter after that purcase.

and third if you make another thred I sware to god I am flying up there and stealing your nimbus and going to put a coper jacketed .50 bullet thrue your cranium.

First set of questions for Evan:

If I can’t get a coker, then why can you? Is your pappy’s wallet hevier than my pappy’s wallet? If you think it is, how would you know? Is that your business?

Second question for Evan:

Does it make you feel superior or make you feel satisfied to tell me some fantasy of yours about stealing my property and killing me?

first question: My pappy didnt buy it for me, everone of my relitives did, and it was on Christmas(here we get more on xmas than your birthday)

second question: No, But it would seem that you get that feeling after making 20+ threds in a week.

Who cares? Stop posting.

i got for my birthday a 300$ mp3 deck for my car (which i won at my school) and new subs and amp which was three days ago so i think i wont be worrying about uniing for a while since its my 16th b-day and im going for my drivers on tues :smiley:

Nice man. How did you win a car and what kind is it?

ya maybe i should stop :frowning:

89 isuzu i-mark its really nothing much but it runs really good and it only cost me 8$ plus they repaired alot of stuff on it before the raffled it. thats it right there from last year when m,y hais looked really bad :frowning:


to do what you’re trying to do, you need to type how the real tylercox would have typed it. he would have said:
yeah, maybe I should stop… :frowning:

Whoa, Tyler, when did you make a new account and change the l to a 1?

Drewation… you’re really close to getting banned.

Nice try Drewation…

FOR MAKING FAKE ACCOUNTS!!!1111oneoneoneoneone

alright im sorry ill quit while im ahead :roll_eyes:


whos the third who made fake ones? you, me and… :thinking:

why can’t we all be friends…