Coker question...yet again

I’ve come across a bit of money, and want to get a coker. I’ve been looking at two inparticular, the Nimbus deluxe or the Radial deluxe. Both seem pretty good, with the Nimbus having a bit more support frame-wise.

I got a 24’ nimbus II and am pleased with it. But going to a friend’s house seems like a good idea in theory, bad in practice with that thing. I want something bigger and with a little more ‘wow’ factor to it, so going coker is the way to go.

Again…Nimbus or Radial?

As I’ve stated many times on this forum, get the RADIAL DELUXE and also order the NIMBUS FRAME! The wheelsets are identical, (both airfoil and wide hub) and if you order it this way, you will not only save $40, but you will have BOTH frames! Or you could just order the nimbus deluxe, pay $40 MORE, and only get one frame.

Option #1) Radial deluxe: $420 +the nimbus frame: $120. Total: $540

Option#2) Nimbus deluxe: $580 (Exactly the same as Radial deluxe except for the frame, which you get in the above scenario, which also saves you $40 over option #2.)

Save $40 with option #1 and have both frames! I can’t make it any clearer than that. :slight_smile:

What would be the benifit of having both frames? Aside from having two frames to bounce between. If maybe one fails, you got the other?

It’s cheaper and you can sell the extra frame. People often sell their steel coker wheelsets when they upgrade to airfoil, which leaves a lot of people looking for inexpensive coker frames.

You still don’t get it! WHo cares if you use the radial frame or not! If you want the nimbus deluxe, order the RADIAL DELUXE AND THE NIMBUS FRAME! The point is that when you buy it that way you get the nimbus deluxe for $40 LESS!!! than if you only order the nimbus deluxe. Ok if you still don’t get it, you deserve to be overcharged the $40!:smiley: Ok I’ll calm down now…there we go…:slight_smile:

ah, ok, i got ya now…i didn’t see the numbers, just thought ‘why in the hell would i buy two?’…but now i see the light, OH YES! I SEE THE LIGHT!!!

Thank (insert diety of choice or leave blank if athiest, like me!)


Totally man!:stuck_out_tongue:

If you sell the extra frame when it gets to you it will make it like you were paying say $490 for the exact $580 nimbus deluxe (if you were to sell the extra for $50, I don’t know the value).

Good advice, Terry. That’s the likely route I will take when I get a coker.

What a nice little quirk…:stuck_out_tongue:

Terry makes an excellent point

Or you could just buy the radial deluxe. I have the radial plain. I sometimes wish I had gotten the wheel upgrade. The frame seems OK. I have never seen a Nimbus though. If you live somewhere very flat, like Florida, the extra frame weight (is there any ?) may not matter much. Unless you are going to hop the thing etc.
I am just learning to idle my 20. How much harder is it to idle a 36 with a steel rim vs the better wheel ? Anyone know ?

I dont know, I went from a 19" trials straight to a 36" steel rim. Idling felt really weird, because of how much distance you travel back and forth, but it wont take too long to get used to it.

Im sure the airfoil would be better to idle on, less weight to push around.

After much argument in another thread it was decided the nimbus frame is heavier, but not significantly. I had the steel rim for several months before swapping to airfoil (i also swapped to 14g stainless spokes at the same time). The airfoil is easier to idle and much easier to get going from a stand still, they’re horrendously expensive over here (like $200ish) but I’m still glad I got it.

I understand Terry’s idea about getting the Radial Deluxe and the Nimbus frame, but what about just getting the Radial deluxe? Is its frame just not up to stuff?

That’s what I have; I didn’t see the point in spending the extra $120 just for the nimbus frame. Personally, I don’t like it, and the standard radial frame, is an improvement over the old coker frame because the seat post is now the larger diameter at 25.4, again, identical to the nimbus diameter. It handles great, it’s definitely lighter, very nimble, and there’s more room on the forks to customize with decalls, flames etc. I’m very happy with both the looks and performance of my radial 360 deluxe.

arggg…I’m so frustrated. I really would like to try both frames out before I have to choose which one to buy :frowning:

I’ve only ever ridden a Radial, and not for long enough to really test it out…

Anybody in the Central Valley have both I can try? :roll_eyes:

I rode the nimbus deluxe with the t-7 handle. I wasn’t impressed at all. It felt sluggish and unresponsive. Then I hopped a coker with airfoil and medium wide hub. AMAZING difference! I felt like I could accelerate effortlessly and it handled solid and felt tons lighter. That did it for me and I have no regrets; just happy to have saved $120

Got your priorities in line, I see. :wink:

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