Coker Impossible Wheel mounting tips

Yesterday I was again riding at Fullerton University. I’m still in love
with the Coker with post and seat removed (The Ultimate Coker). I found a
cool technique for mounting safely and reliably every time. Yeah you
grab the wheel but I suggest the real stiff arm and lean over. You grab
the top of the wheel as you get ready for your normal unicycle mount. Get
a good grip on the top of the wheel. Bend your same arm a 90 degree and
get your elbow under the stomach area. So you are putting body weight on
your elbow as you step up and on to the bottom pedal. Then get your other
foot on the other pedal. It helped to simulate the post I guess because my
mounting improved right away. With this technique Ive hit the perfect
center on free mounts time and time again. The football team tossed me a
pass as I rode past. Finally the respect I deserve! lol

Chris Carey