Coker idling (was Just bragging!)

carjug wrote:
> There are three steps involved in learning to idle a Coker.

> First, learn to idle a normal uni.

Optional. :wink:

> Second- get in buff shape with little ripples on your tummy like an

Optional, though my suitcase deadlift has gone from 200# to 250# since I
started Cokering, and my side bend, sort of the suitcase deadlift exercise
for pansies, has gone from 100# to 160# for reps.

> Third-ride the Coker like a schizophrenic killing snakes. Long cranks
help, but hard riding helps more, especially trails.

I’m too heavy for trails (on a Coker - 230# rider plus big flimsy wheel
equals taco) and too addicted to speed for long cranks, but yeah. Jump
boots help for this if you UPD as often as I do.

> Cops get the biggest kick out of watching idling Cokers at stop signs.

Especially now. :wink:

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