coker full stop video

hey guys,

there´s a thread in the German forum about breaking distances to full stop on a coker. I once saw a video of someone leaning faaar back and pull his brake at the same time, so that the two forces almost eliminated each other and he quite instantly stopped on his coker. I searched youtube and the forums but couldn´t find it. any help or ideas which video it might be? Appreciated.

try unigeezer thats who i think


This is it :slight_smile:

I remember seeing a similar video but with a Schlumpf (29" or 36", can’t remember) in high gear. Anyone got a link?

jeah Alan that´s the discussion but the video I meant was way more extreme. I don´t think it was Terry, either.

I believe this might be it:

Unfortunately, the links don’t work anymore… :frowning:

mhm… anyone knows how to get to that vid?

I’ll upload the video again.