coker from the coker tire company

Has any one out there bought a coker from the coker tire company?
They advertise them for around $ 350.
To good to be true?

Looking for a faster ride Dave,

Isent it in USD though?

I’m sure that’s U.S. dollars.
I bought my Coker from Coker Tire Co. through ebay. Every so often, they put one on auction at ebay. I purchased mine at a very discounted price:D :wink:

It may be cheaper to get them from in the US.

$329 US for a coker.

Plus you have the advantage of dealing with a company who’s primary business is unicycles, so they can give you good advice.

Note the above price is for a standard coker which comes with a pretty basic rim. A log of people prefer to upgrade to an airfoil rim which costs a whole lot more (around another $100). You save on rotaing weight and get a stronger rim which means a lighter, faster more robust unicycle.

Bedford’s are $350 delivered.

bear in mind the quality of service you would receive.
I bought mine direct from the UK Coker importer (a tyre importer).
1 - They charged MORE than
2 - The saddle came without bolts (as per the whole shipment). If I didn’t have a spare saddle, I would have been stuffed. had spare bolts and added them to the ones they sold.
3 - should I mention that the pedals lasted a couple of miles? not really relevant.
4 - should I mention the quality of the bearings? (they fell off the first time I too the wheel out of the frame, and I didn’t trust them, so I replaced the hub & bearings as soon as I could.) That’s not really relevant either, as you’ll get the same quality no matter who you get it from.

It’s just a matter of the after-sales service you’d expect, comparing e-bay, to a tyre manufacturer who doesn’t care about unicycles, to a specialist retailer with good service.


This is the cheapest I’ve ever seen a coker at: HERE. Only $290.


Hmmm… a tire, tube, stock frame, and a set of cranks for $290… hmmmmmm :wink:

For those of you wating for coker tires to come back in stock on (i’ve already ordered mine and have been wating for at least a month), this site sells them and seems to have them in stock. They are $50 plus $10 shipping. (hey maybe this site should give me some store credit for advertising for them so much ;))