Coker for sale!

Hello all,
I have a Coker to sell. Standard older model with KH seat. In great shape, I just don’t ride it much anymore.

I’d like to get $175 for it, but will consider REASONABLE offers.

The uni is in Boulder CO. I would prefer to sell locally, but if you’re serious about it let me know and we can work out shipping.

I also have a Bedford Unicycles BC Wheel (20" Pro Street) $150.


hey man i in to both unis i just sent you an email!!
what does the 20 have as far as cranks ??

BC Wheels don’t have cranks…


Maybe he means plates…


I sent an email do you have any picturs of the coker?

reading fail: i was so excited i guess i did’t read it 2 times my bad

i pm you a would really like some pictures

Sorry all! Here are some pictures.

I looked into shipping this thing around, and it looks like it will cost AT LEAST $90-100 to get it anywhere, due to the size. (I’m guessing gets some sort of deal). Anyway, I don’t know if anyone wants to pay that, or knows how to get stuff shipped for less, but I’m open to suggestions.

Aluminum or steel rim?

Does the Coker have an aluminum or steel rim? Thanks

I am interested in the Coker if you are intersted in sending it to Canada. I have PM’ed and emailed you. Please reply.:slight_smile:

“or knows how to get stuff shipped for less, but I’m open to suggestions.”

When my KH 36 was shipped (in Canada by Canada Post) one of the ways that reduced shipping costs was to remove the tire which made the size of the package smaller (over size parcels cost extra to ship so I guess that the tire removal brought the size of the package down to a cheaper shipping rate) Try seeing if your shippers give a better deal based on size. If so then remove the tire fold it in half and package everything up in the smallest box possible.

i got a coker wheel shipped for about 15 bucks fedex. the weight doesn’t matter much, but the dimensions of a coker wheel are right on the border of what is considered an oversize package. play around w/ the shipping calculators+ see what you can get away with. if you can make the package 36x36x8 or something like that, you should be fine. you’ll just have to take the frame off.
btw, i used to work for fedex, and you’re better off using them over usps or ups for an item that size (it’ll be much cheaper)

i’m really into this and i can pick it up too respond to me!!!

what hub is that running the udc super wide ?? it does not look like one? but is it ?