Coker for a 13 year old

Is it possible for a 13 year old to fit on a coker comfortably? I currently ride a 20- inch Schwinn and my legs are not fully extended. I have a 32- inch inseam, if that helps. Thanks for any info.

Yes, you could ride a Coker.

Ben and Brad (yooper’s sons) ride cokers and they are both younger than 13 so you could do it.

with a 32" inseam you should have no problem fitting onto a coker.

I highly reccomend getting one when you can afford it. Its more fun than you can imagine.


I also have a 32" inseam or whatever, and I can ride one. So, yes, that is in the ballpark. I still cant mount one, but I can ride one. I think the problem I have is that Chris’ seat is a homemade air seat, so while it is comfy to ride, it is hard to grip it to death with my man thighs while I mount. I’m rambling. End of transmission.


I think we measured Brad’s inseam once and found it to be 28". he rides his Coker quite comfortably.


thanks for all of your help. Also, I know the viscount seat is not the most comfortable available, so if I am going to be riding a coker on my paper route, would you recommend the deluxe coker with miyata air seat? (I know of viscount seats from riding my schwinn :D)


I realized that since I probably won’t be getting my coker(if I get it at all) until xmas, so if I upgrade to a better seat it will probably be a kris holm velo seat. Is this a good investment for my coker?


I would go ahead and get the Miyata (optionally upgrading it to an Air Seat), UNLESS you check and know for sure the KH seat is available when you order. Also, you dont HAVE to get the upgraded Coker just to upgrade your seat. You can get the original with an upgraded seat to save money. Not everybody has $500 (by the time you get seat upgrades and who knows what) for a Coker. If you can though, get the new upgraded one. I’ll eventually get a Coker and when I do it will be the upgraded one.

If I’ve made some mistake in my recommendation, somebody correct me please.


On the subject of the paper route.

I ride into work everyday on a 26". I carry a standard size/weight backpack, but it is one of those “cool” ones that has only one strap - over the right shoulder, diaganolly across the chest and clip together left side by the waist. I tend to favor my right side and i think, since the weight is focused on my right shoulder, the backpack is making my handicap worse.

Anyway, I’m guessing you will be carrying the papers in a single-strap bag. This could cause some serious balance issues - especially while trying to mount and turn such a behemoth as a coker. Even if you wear one of those double-bags that slings over on both front and back like an orange safety vest, they weight distribution could cause you trouble.

It would be pretty cool, nonetheless…except on sunday.

Balance issues are very important but can be hard to track down. They can be saddle issues, leg imbalances, backpack strap tension, backpack loading style, etc etc. As a long distance backpacker I have struggled with these issues over many miles.

Yesterday unicycling to the car in a 20 mph wind, I was suddenly twisting all over the place trying to stay on. Since I had been there unicycling for 3 hours I knew it wasn’t my physicality. I checked my seatpost - straight. I checked the straps of the Camelbak I had just donned - even. After eliminating these variables I found that it was the down vest I was holding in one hand. As light as it was, it had a significant windage (resistance to wind). Since I was holding it away from my body to keep it from tangling in my legs it had a long moment arm. That coupled with using 85 psi in the Primo tire, the wind would just tend to spin me around. It was fun playing with the position of my arm. Some positions made it almost impossible to stay on.

Unicyclekid, you’ll have some interesting issues like this to solve delivering your papers, issues that I didn’t have delivering papers myself at 13 on my bicycle :slight_smile:

Brad and I went for a Coker ride this evening on the bike path. If you recall our Soccer Cokers (, we still have the big foam soccer balls in the spokes. We fought with two factors tonight, 1) the foam insert in the spokes acted like a sail and we were being blown all over the bike path even in the low wind, and 2) the path leads through the corn fields. Now that its harvest time and getting dark early, we were hitting corn cobs strewn on the path in the dark. We several UID’s (Klaas, just testing out a new acronym for Unintentional Dismount) caused from angry cobs that would suddenly dart under our wheels in the dark. Then, feeling for the pedals during the mount in the dark was a challenge.

Sure was fun!


Use the light Bruce. A 15 watt helmet mounted light will make night rides safer.

Night rides on the Coker are a blast. When it’s dark and just a little bit chilly it almost feels like you’re floating on the Coker. If you get a light a flood bulb works better than a spot bulb with the unicycle.

Re: Coker for a 13 year old

Kris and I think Joe (Mojoe) have their velo seats on their cokers, so it must
be pretty good, ask them.


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On Thu, 7 Nov 2002 19:02:10 -0600, yoopers
<> wrote:

>We several UID’s (Klaas, just testing out a new acronym for
>Unintentional Dismount) caused from angry cobs that would suddenly dart
>under our wheels in the dark.

Please, for the record, explain the difference between a plan and an
intention? It also occurs to me that if you want to have above quoted
sentence appearing for all eternity on a yellow background on my
website a year from now, you could’ve taken a bit more care to make it
grammatically correct :slight_smile: .

Klaas Bil

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