Coker, first impressions

Hi all,
Last night I went with a friend to a bike shop about 30 minutes from my
house. She went to pick up a bike, I went to ride their Coker! The people
there were really nice. They just let me walk out the door and ride in
the small parking lot with the Coker all by myself. First impressions:
Before riding,
A. That doesn’t look as big as it does on the web (it’s not as heavy as I
expected, either)
B. Look at the size of the tire, though
While riding,
C. This feels like my sister learning to drive stick; I can’t stay
D. How do I turn?
E. Freemounting is easier than a 24" once you get the hang of it (I
freemounted on my third try)
F. Wow! this is fast!
G. I see a birthday gift to myself in my future

So I got home and told my mom about it. I was grinning ear to ear when my
dad walked in the door and he said, “What do you want know?” But at least
he was interested. I printed a few pictures off the web and told him it
was like a unicycle on steroids or a unicycle on cruise control.

Jeff “addicted to speed” Tuttle

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Re: Coker, first impressions


I rode Chris’ Coker for a short distance, and I found turning to be trivial. I could’t freemount it at all though. However, that is because my freemount isnt a forward freemount, its a rollback freemount. Doing a rollback on a 3’ rim is something I couldn’t seem to do. Then again I only tried on the one occasion.


P.S. Chris, if you read this, check yer email. Tommy is taking a raincheck this weekend. You up for anything? We could go to vicksburg to ride, or we could do other stuff. Etc. If you are still free Sunday, that is.

P.P.S. When the only way to reach your friend at home is by posting to the unicycle forum, somebody needs a cell phone. :slight_smile: Too bad money doesn’t grow on trees (at least for those of us who don’t get high).

Re: Re: Coker, first impressions

These days only the most important don’t have cell phones. Someone else is always willing to take care of that for us.

Incoming Transmission

Mr. H,

Pardon me Sir. The Ambassador to Qatar reports that all is well, and is awaiting further instructions. Jefferson says everything is in place, and will place the sell order on your word. Oh… and our ‘Associates’ in Belize beg a peremptory audience by asking you to, and I quote, “CALL OFF THE HELICOPTORS”.

Your Man,


Re: Coker, first impressions

> “It takes twice the man to ride half the bike.”

Coker: It takes four times the man to ride twice the half the bike.

Re: Coker, first impressions

“jeff d tuttle” <> wrote
> This [riding a Coker] feels like my sister learning to drive stick

> was like a unicycle on steroids or a unicycle on cruise control.
Great analogy :slight_smile:

:: Graham W. Boyes ::