Coker Challenge - Durango Colorado - Never Been Done

No unicyclist has ever tried this, at least according to event organizers. It is possibly the longest running bike race in America, the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. Event leaders have just ok’d unicyclists.

Any of you Coker folk want to give it a shot? (Or you might want to learn about it and plan for a future entry.) I might be convinced to host you at my home.

The course is challenging. It is 48 miles long and climbs two Colorado mountain passes, Coal Bank Hill and Molas Pass, topping out at 10,900 feet. The scenery is spectacular, some of the best in the USA. There is a huge amount of climbing (either 8600 or 5700 feet depending on the information source) and less descending because the end point is at higher elevation than the start.

More info is on their website: Iron Horse Bicycle Classic - 34th Annual Road Tour

It happens in Durango, Colorado on Saturday, May 28th, starting at 8:15am. Completing it on a uni would be a tremendous accomplishment.

Anyone interested?


That ride is on my shortlist, which will include Red Mtn. Pass as well. It’s part of my Rocky Mtn High Tour planned for June this summer. Unfortunatley, ( or fortunately), my family and I will be white water rafting that weekend of the Iron Horse, so I won’t be able to participate. The rivers are coming up and are going to be rippin by then. Thanks for the invite and the FYI, maybe 06’. Cheers.

Iron Horse “Unicycle” Classic

Yes Mike, I just returned from a short Coker ride along the Animas River Trail in Durango. The river is RAGING and the boaters are all over it.

Glad those mountain passes are a goal of yours, even if not during the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. How long do you think it might take you or another capable uni rider to Coker from Durango to Silverton, the route of the IHBC Race & Tour?

Re: Iron Horse “Unicycle” Classic

4-5 hours riding time/5-6 hours total time depending on photos etc.

Coker Tour - First Time Ever

If this Iron Horse Race/Tour could be Cokered that fast, it would mean you would get to uni most of the passes before the authorities allow the automobile traffic to resume. Cool - those spectacular views without traffic would be extra nice.

Re: Coker Challenge - Durango Colorado - Never Been Done

If it wasn’t on my anniversary I’d be there!

Cokering the Iron Horse, even 29ing

Happy Anniversary George. Yeah, I could imagine how much trouble a guy celebrating an anniversary might get into if he began the special day with a monumental uni ride. Thanks for chewin’ on it though.

It would be cool if a solid Cokeur came forward to try this challenging ride, even a hardcore 29er. Especially cool for whoever does it first.

There are a few of us in Durango and nearby towns that are lookin’ at beginning it, though I’m not sure any of us have what it takes to try to complete the route.

lol this is perfect. Im going to be in Durango the same weekend. So if any of you guys are into the whole Muni thing…im always up for a good ride. I hear there is quite a group in Durango, but I have no way of contacting them.

Unicycles Welcome - Article in Durango Newspaper

It’s official and it hit the local newspaper. For the first time ever, unicycles are invited to ride the Iron Horse Classic from Durango to Silverton.

Article appears here .

Can’t wait to see if we have any unicyclist entries. Especially exciting would be someone with a shot at completing the course and finishing the race.

Any of you Telluriders? How about Norman in Ridgway?

Hi Trailguy, I sent you a PM. Dan.

it seems to me that u guys owe it to the organisers to get as many entries on the start line as possible

quite often we see threads about yet another cycle-event that’s turned down a specific application by a uni-athlete to take part

these organisers are going the other way and are actually creating a unicycle category
this must be supported

i totally realise that it’s unlikely that anyone will finish this race on a uni without a serious amount of dedicated training, can’t u get a bunch of people together to just do it as a fun ride and only go XYZ miles?

it would be very sad if, after creating the category and getting it in the paper, the organisers were left with egg on their non-uni faces

Excellent reason for Dave Walters to visit the USA.

Uni B*ke Race - First Ever

Dan, look for my PM reply. Thanks for spreading the word to capable Cokeurs.

Gild, I agree the uni invite by race organizers warrants a showing. There are a few of us in Durango who are talking it up and encouraging uni entries.

Harper, I agree that Dave Walters should jump on a plane to Durango and other destinations USA.

Dubmuni, I think you should sign up to start this race with us. ONLINE ENTRY is available on the IHBC website, HERE.

I do think it is cool that uni riders will this year be allowed in such a long running event now in it’s 34th year. There will likely be a few of us uni entries, though none that I know of (yet) that I think might finish the course.


Where are the hardcores going to be, then? The ones who are training for the Alps Tour. Find out who they are. You should try to get Andy Cotter, Nathan Hoover, Irene Genelin, Scot Cooper, Brian MacKenzie, Bruce Dawson, Mark Stephens, Jack Hughes, Kris Holm, and some other folks who might be able to actually complete it. Ken Looi could do it if he’s not putting someone under the knife, then.

Re: Uni B*ke Race - First Ever

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man…that was funny.

seriously, I barely lasted 17 miles in Moab.

That’s funny in a sad sort of way. I had a trip to Colorado planned for that weekend (Telluride for MountainFilm and some Muni), but had to cancel. So I can’t make it. Sounds not only doable but it would be fantastic training for the Alps tour this summer. Time time time…and the lack of it.


couldn’t agree with u more

maybe ken can stop off and pick me up on his way past?

Uni Entrants Confirmed

OK, as far as I know now, there are at least 3 of us uni riders who will pay the $60 entrance fee and begin the citizens race & tour, though we aren’t contenders to finish the entire route. At least there will be a showing on unicycles.

It will be fun and we’re looking forward to it. There are a few others contemplating starting with us, maybe even 1 or 2 who might complete the challenge.


Re: Uni Entrants Confirmed

where can we email the peer-pressure to?

Pre Uni Race/Tour

There’s quite a buzz about unicyclists here in Durango after the invite by race organizers allowing uni riders for this year’s event, the 34th Annual. Nearly everyone is chatting about uni.

This includes the media people who are here, hopefully some good press.

A few hours before start time, I know about 5 locals planning on starting. (There may be more.) And there are several other uni riders who are reportedly considering it, including two that I think can complete the course.

Wow…Cool…Uni On…!