Coker 48 hole hub (Big One)

I have a Coker hub in new condition that I don’t need (I bought a wheelset from Coker and swapped the hub). How about $20 including shipping in the continental US?

will this hub fit in a KH frame? I think yes?
Is it square tapered? I also think yes?
do you have cranks also?
I may be interested…

Hey RahBee, the current Coker hubs are too wide for the KH frames. I bought the Coker wheelset and swapped the hub with a Nimbus 48h ISIS hub so that I could put it in a KH frame.

The hub will fit in a Coker Big One/V2 frame or Nimbus Titan and Nightrider frames. It is square taper and has 40mm bearings.

I don’t have cranks to sell with it, but square taper cranks can be found new for not a lot of money.

hey thanks man, I was hoping to lace it to a "20 rim and use my kh 20 frame for freestyle…
I wonder if there is a good "20 freestyle frame it will fit?

edit… I Guess a wide hub is not best for freestyle though…

Is the hub still available?

Sold. Thanks.