Coker 36er Muni!

This past weekend was my first real ride since pretty seriously injuring both my knees at NAUCC last year. Did some muni with SinisterJay, kbj1ki and MountainUni1. I was on the 36er, Jay and Jeff were on their 29ers and Eric (kbj1ki) was running behind us filming.

Eric was nice enough to put together a video of some of my riding. The big wheel is the only way to go as far as I’m concerned. Bombing trails is a blast. Try that first clip on anything smaller than a 36er!

Anyone who enjoyed that and hasn’t seen it yet may be interested in the video I did for coker: Coker Mountain and Street Unicycling #1 on Vimeo (alternate edit on the website). Expect another video from me this Summer!

P.S. Always wear your helmets when doing crazy stuff kids, I forgot mine. :[

It turned out to be a great riding day! I was getting nervous… Brian drove quite a ways (at my suggestion) and for the first 20 minutes all we could find was 6" deep slush. Thankfully we found a sunnier part of the forest!

The video doesn’t do it justice… :slight_smile:

That was wicked!! Big Wheel muni is awesome. Hope you’ll do more videos!

What is your 36?

That footage at the end with the camera following is excellent!

Thanks! Aside from the seat (which is a CF base with freeride foam) and the pedals, this is a stock Coker Big One. People consistently underestimate this uni, it takes a huge beating no problem.

The coker is square taper right? Do you just make sure your cranks are always tight?

I’ve never done muni. Only ride a 36er.
Am i corect in thinking I may do better off road with my 175mm crank holes.
I have 3 hole Kookas with 125/150/175.
Or is it just a question of the rider’s strength and proficience?

I liked that …fun riding.

Yeah, its square taper. I’ll just tighten them up every few rides.

It may be a matter of how comfortable you are. I ride with 150s for both my street and muni Coker riding, but I ride super aggressively offroad to keep my speed up. If you were going to run 175s, you could more easily ride slower.

So does square taper damage come from people using them rough and just not paying attention to the status of the cranks?

You really should do more big wheel muni videos. It’s fresh.

Awesome video. I can’t believe how smoothly the 36" rolls over logs. I’m back after breaking my hands last summer (wakesurfing, not muni). Peeling off the studded tire this week. Hope to ride with everyone soon.

well done!

I had some trouble with the stock Coker cranks when I started doing drops over about a foot (I weigh 200+ lbs). Started to deform the taper hole on my back foot crank. It might be that it came loose at first though I can’t be sure. I switched to the Nimbus Venture cranks and haven’t had a problem since. I use 125mm though partly because I’m worried the leverage from longer cranks will cause me to damage them, or the spindle. I wish Coker would make a 48 hole ISIS hub and frameset in the same width. That would be a true MUni machine.

Awesome! I tried once last summer and it was awesome, but I didn’t have a brake, it was really really scary… you know when your going at like 25km/h + in a hill, with rocks, and you dont have a brake, it’s just soo scary… :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up with Street and muni on your Coker, it looks awesome:)

Aww I really liked that video. Why was it removed?