Coker 36" with brake (Sold)

Selling this unicycle because I really only ride muni nowadays.
Local pickup only at this time.

  • The inseam with the current seatpost is max of 35.5" and min of 33" (31" if you cut the post more).
  • brake installed with seat attachment
  • inner tube has a small leak. Last inflation held for one week. I’d say it’s fine for shorter rides, but you’ll probably want a new one
  • tire is in good shape
  • frame and rim have some blemishes
  • seat has minor scuffs on the plastic handle in front, but overall great condition (I used a different seat)
  • The pedals and cranks (125mm cotterless) have been upgraded to nimbus ones
  • Extras: original 150mm cranks, pamphlets, extra spokes (1 correct size, several longer ones)

(Had this on Craigslist before but hopefully it gets more traction and a better home here)


Price Drop: $275

Also two more notes I forgot:

  • The wheel could use a tensioning since it’s been a while

  • When you take the wheel out, the bearing caps (not the frame) like to stick to the bearings. They’ve been like that since I first picked it up

Open to offers too

Is it still only for local pick up?

Unfortunately yeah, still only local.

If there are no takers by January I’ll be open to shipping it


Found a local buyer and a new home through CL

(I wanted to edit the title too but I don’t think I have permissions to, or it’s not a mobile option)

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