Coker 36 inch extra spokes

A while back someone had broken a spoke or two and were looking for some spares for their coker 36 inch. I have a bunch available and only ask that you pay the cost of shipping for them.

If the spokes are still available, I’ll take them.

How do you PM on the new format?


One bundle should be enough, but if you to send two that will be great. I’m in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

Andy, I just sent the money via PayPal. Let me know if there is any issues.


I am curious whether @Unicyclist_Lou and @dogpoundar know that we can all see this… hence, I’m mentioning them. It looks like these were emails that auto-update on here?

I knew and I think dogpoundar did too. I have to figure out how to PM on the new format.

Spokes are all gone 1/09/21

Click the person’s name, and then “Message” on the top right of the pop-up.

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