Coasting practice

I’ve been practicing coasting for a couple weeks and recorded some video of my practice session this morning to mark my progress. My best run was about 15 revolutions (not all got on video). I suppose I need to start practicing getting back to the pedals.

Good job! Coasting is dang hard to do.

Impressive! Those were some really long runs!

Thanks, Terry! I checked and it’s actually been 3 weeks of practice, but that’s a short time for me to learn something this well. It usually takes me a long time to learn a new trick. Of course these are my best runs of the morning but about half the time I can get 4-6 revolutions.

Thanks! You inspired me to start practicing coasting so thanks for that, too! Now if only I could get rolling wraps so easily.

hey waaalrus I like your video :slight_smile:

There is nothing more fun then coasting, get back to pedals, then coasting again down streets and through towns. Practice going back to pedals! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your videos are cool, too!

How do you get back to the pedals? Straight from coasting or do you transition to gliding first?

I coast with my foot off of the frame, and I go back to the pedals the pedals by lining my foot up with the pedal, and as it comes around I simultaneously put both feet down. Some people put one foot down and continue riding one foot, but I think it’s much easier to put both feet down. Since you coast with your feet on the frame, I guess you could just drop both feet back to the pedals. I’d suggest doing short and very slow coasts and trying to get back to the pedals, this way your feet won’t get tangled up and cause you to fall if you miss.