CNN - News to Me Clip

Yo everyone.

With the release of my season 2007 video I put it up in many different places for publicity. You’ve probably seen it on youtube in different places. Upon that, I uploaded it to Ebaums World where a guy from CNN saw it and wanted it on CNN - News to me, a self broadcast segment on Headline News. I accepted and sent it out to him. This is the small portion they were nice enough to give me. I’m hopeful…

Link 1 -

Link 2 -

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. This is also going in two places on youtube. They kinda got some info wrong, just so you don’t think i’m talking myself up more with what he says.

Damn bro, you deserve it. People like you are turning unicycling into the next “cool sport”.

Thats so cool Shaun! I was really excited about this clip :slight_smile:

Pretty sick mate i love the entertainment in America in England they could have managed to make that report really dull lol

thats sweet! good job.

Thats crazy Shaun, I’m glad the clips weren’t like most unicycling ones where someone films you just riding. Absolutly great, good job mate!


Nice Shaun. That’s good exposure. And showing decent rinding!

But still, “making a living off it”?

I knew you were pro, but i never knew you made a living off of what you do. That inspires me more. Did you grow up with anyone to ride with?

“Competed all over the world, including a trip to Aspen for the X-games”?..
USA and Denmark, as far as I know.

“Makes a living off of it”…
I thought Shaun worked at Starbucks(or something like that).

What’s that all about?

I like it how they make it looks snappy and cool and all that, but it’d be nice if the mass media could stick to the facts.

But it’s great promotion for the sport to get that sort of exposure, I suppose. Well done, Shaun! It just pisses me off how they lie even about such simple things. Imagine the fantasy they put into politics… That’s one more reason not to watch the TV for me, I guess.

he entered a video into a contest (target thing?) and he won and got to go to aspen to spectate the X-Games.

Did any of you even ready what he said?

“p.s. This is also going in two places on youtube. They kinda got some info wrong, just so you don’t think i’m talking myself up more with what he says.”

Thats the explanation for some of the stuff they said.

Cool clips they picked. Great for the sport.
Nice job, Shaun

One word, AWESOME. Good job, people need to take unicycling serious.

thats cool, i guess…

Yes, I know that and it pisses me off. It would probably piss me off less if Shaun made it all up himself and told it to the naive reporter. That way it would’ve been a naive and incompetent journalist. The way it is now, it’s more of a professional deceiver. They lied about Shaun(to gain more publicity or whatever) and it’s annoying.

It upsets me a bit as well that they said the wrong thing, or twisted the words. I did make some money out of unicycling in California, hardly a living. So they just twisted all the facts. They got that aspen thing from Kris Holm’s website too (must have googled me) since I told them nothing about that at all. However if someone sees this and wants a unicyclist for something, they will thing i’m a lot better in that world than I am (only one show experience). So I guess it can still be a good thing, haha.

-Shaun Johanneson

awsome… when the unicycle club im in was in the papers then they twisted the fact too…

we should all go on unicycle related murdering spree. the reporter sounded like a doosh as well. im suprised there was no handrail clips(other than skatepark ones). thats what people find impressive.

props bro, you deserve it… you are really turning unicycling into something great and getting peoples attention… this sport needs more riders like you.