CNN and the Drummonds

I stole this verbatim from the banjo group I frequent and have no additional information. I am guessing that John and Amy don’t mind it being posted, but apologize in advance if they do.

“Hi everyone CNN was at and shot about 2hr. of film. The show is People in the News and the schedule is Sat 8/27/05 5AM-6AM and 5PM-6PM Sun. 8-28-05 5AM-6AM ,2PM-3PM and 7PM-8PM. The show is about John Drummond and and I my be in it I was playing with the band that is me on mandolin I know 3 chords Greg is playing banjo, Gary guitar, Perry on bass. John played banjo for a bit. I dont know what is going to be on the news I guess I will have to wait it out.”

is anyone going to record, digitise and post it?

Thank you, Raphael. We sent this note out to our unicycle customers today:

Dear Friends:

We’re slowly using up our 15 minutes of fame, with one of those minutes being broadcast this weekend. Our two companies, and, will be featured on the CNN show People In The News. You’ll find the schedule below for the Eastern Time Zone. We’ve not yet seen it, but we’re grateful that CNN chose to share our story with their viewers.

Thank you for supporting since its launch just six years ago. We hope you enjoy this snapshot of our efforts.

We also want to take this opportunity to offer a free Kris Holm poster to the first 100 customers who place an order of $50 or more beginning Saturday, August 27. To quality, just type CNN in the comments box as you place your order.

Best regards,
John & Amy Drummond

CNN People In The News broadcast schedule (Eastern Time)

Saturday 8/27



Sunday 8/28




I have it set to record, and I will load it on my computer, and I can make a DVD. I have never tried uploading video, so if anyone wants to guide me through it, I’ll do it. But it would probably be quicker for one of these techno types to do it.


have a stab at uploading the video to a gallery
it’s pretty much the same as uploading a pic, i think u just have to select uploading a different kind of file from the drop-down menu on hte upload page
john childs will give better advice, i’m sure

Yeah… Please try to upload the video… I play a little bit of mandolin myself (and even less banjo) and would love to see it!

Someone help me on this. I don’t watch much TV. The only CNN channel I have seems to be CNN Headline news. Is there another channel that’s just CNN?

At 5pm EST (2pm pst), I set my VCR to tape on the CNN channel, but it had only CNN Headline news. I just scrolled through the show and there was nothing.

I just went to and looked up the schedule and found the listing for “People in the News”. The only description that might be Johns show was at 5a.m. this morning, the rest of the descriptions at the show times shows description of the Windsor family.

So, did I miss the correct channel and did I miss the only showing of the Drummond segment.? I am bummed, if I did:(
I am on dial up, so streaming isn’t viable.

My cable has 2 CNN’s One is Headline News, and the other is CNN.

I’m disappointed because my guide also say’s 7-8 EST Sunday is the ‘The Royals’ not ‘The Drummonds’. I hope it’s a mistake in the guide.

I didn’t get the nice letter with CNN offer. Wonder why I’m not on the mailing list? UDC is great, I could not be happier with their products or service. Glad to hear that they are so successful.

Edit, Just noticed the UDC site has a mail list sign-up.

argg i wont be able to see it,unless the restront im going to will put it on with the sound( im a vip there so maybe) Could someone ether record it and post it or could some one film it(not shour but i think it would work)

I have it recorded on a DVD from my DVR. The segment on UDC is about 1 minute long. Short.

I probably won’t get time to edit it down and post it till tomorrow evening. If someone has it recorded and can get it posted sooner that is AOK with me.

I have an MPEG-1 version of the segment in my Monster gallery. I’ll work on making a higher quality WMV9 version sometime later. The segment was only 60 seconds long.

Hello John,
Thanks for providing that online version. I had missed the show.