Club in Calstock!

wow i’ve wanted to joina unicycle club 4 ages and finally mum found out thre’s one in calstock bout 30 mins drive from where i live (in the UK) so tomoorw i’ll meet other unicyclist for the first time whopee! any one else is clubs (well obviuosly i mean what r they like what do you do?):stuck_out_tongue:

At the New York Unicycle Club, we are pretty relaxed and do all sorts of things. Since we meet outdoors, sometimes the weather plays a part. Generally we just ride around and talk, and try out each other’s unis. Occasionally we play uni-sumo, or some members do trials or MUni on nearby rocks or stairs. We’re always showing each other the latest tricks or the newest piece of gear. Inevitably newcomers stop by and we give rides and tips. Sometimes someone brings a frisbee or basketball and people play catch and practice dribbling and passing. Sometimes I bring some cones and we use them for figure 8s and the like. Once in a while a group will break off and do a ride of a few miles in the area. It’s a blast and well worth the 3-4 hours each way that I travel!

Don’t forget the pizza!

And juggling. And you fixed my unicycle.

P.S. - Hey, U – bring nosimaj and Matt next time!