Club Freestyle Unicycle

I have been planning to buy my first unicycle for a while now and have been browsing these forums. I have looked at most of the beginner unicycles like Suns, Torkers, and another one I’ve come across on UDC. It is labeled as the “Club Freestyle Unicycle” and comes in 20" and 24". I have searched the forums, but have only come across the odd mention of it, so I have a few questions if someone would be so kind to try to help me :). I was wondering if it is made by UDC, seeing as it has the same frame shape as the Nimbus II. Also, has anyone tried one, or do they recommend it? Thanks in advance!

It certainly looks like it’s made on site. THIS link shows the description. You’ve got a Nimbus frame and hub mixed with some generic parts and a tasty white tyre.

It would be a great one to learn on and should be more than fine for basic/mid freestyle. You might find yourself swapping out some parts, but that’s normal with most people.

Thanks! I’m probably going to get this one, though I wish it was compatible with ISIS hubs with 42mm bearings. With that in mind, I am still thinking of getting the Nimbus II, though it does cost more.

I’ve ridden the 20" Nimbus Club freestyle and actually bought one, although not for myself. I think its a great value beginners uni and really recomend it. Possible weak points are the pedals, on the one I bought the bodies rattle around a bit and if you’re super tall then the seatpost might be a bit short.

I like the looks of this one:, It’s got a decent saddle and the UDC CrMo hub.

I should have given a link on the one I meant. There is a 20" one and a 24" one.

I’m guessing the one I’m looking at has the UDC CrMo hub, but maybe not. Also, I would upgrade to the KH street saddle.

Exactly the same spec as the one I posted (I think). As the US site says: It’s a learner uni, but better than most. I think it’s a good choice that you won’t have to upgrade for a while if you enjoy freestyle.

I’ve never ridden the UDC Club Freestyle 20" but I just bought one for my daughter who doesn’t ride much anymore. The non-ISIS hub was a consideration but I figured if she ever started riding a lot then she can buy herself whatever she needs at that point.

I guess my point is that the UDC Club seems like a great beginner/intermediate freestyle uni at a decent price point. I have both a Nimbus II and Nimbus X as I ride more and like them a lot but the Club should get most people through their first several years of riding until they have enough skills to have much of a preference.

I think that if it had the UDC CrMo hub, it would say so in the spec, but I’m not 100% on that. You should call them and ask, they are very friendly folks and willing to answer your questions to the best of their ability.

I looked into this uni a while back and it turned out not to be the CrMo hub. That being said I wasn’t deterred; however, I ended up getting a uni off of Craigslist for $40, and so I never had to order the club. I was more concerned about the saddle, but I was planning on getting a Nimbus Gel to correct that problem.

As for the hub, I was lead to believe that the pressed bearing hangers on the Club frame would accept the 42mm ISIS bearings without to much effort. Also, KH just announced new 40mm o/d bearings to fit ISIS hubs to frames with smaller hangers. In the end upgrading to an ISIS hub later on would be very doable.

With the Nimbus Gel, and the ability to build a bomber wheel later this could be a good starter uni with great upgrade potential.

Here is a link to the thread where the Club Freestyle was compared to the Torker LX.

Thanks everybody! I think I’m going to go with the Nimbus II because of the stronger axle, ISIS 42mm bearings, and double wall rim, though my final decision will have to be based on what I want to spend.