Club 24" Unicycle?

Hey there! So I’m still not sure which unicycle to get. I’ve narrowed my choices down to a Club 24" or a Torker LX 24". I haven’t heard much about the Club, and I was just wondering if anyone could give me any information about the Club, in comparison to the Torker LX. The Torker seems like a good unicycle for a beginner, but the nimbus frame on the Club makes the Club seem like it will last longer. Also, the saddle on the Club looks more comfortable.

Thanks in advance for all the help :slight_smile:

I’ve had my Club 24" Freestyle for a month now. Like you I narrowed it down to the Torker LX 24" and the Club 24". I ended up choosing the Club 24" due some of the information in this thread and the ability to pick a color. I’ve found the stock seat on the Club to be fine though I haven’t ridden any long distances yet, my practice sessions average about an hour. The two are close in price (I found the Torker for $10 less than the Club) and really pretty similar. I don’t think you’d go wrong with either one.

The Torker LX will have a wider tire and slightly beefier frame, but not by much. Neither one is made for anything other than light-duty freestyle but I’d choose the LX if you are thinking of doing anything like small drops, etc.

My son tends to break things so I bought him the LX, as my daughter will never do drops nor anything remotely like trials so I bought her the Club.

It’s not the frame you have to worry about. The most likely points of failure for either unicycle are the cranks and hub. That being said, I have an LX in my collection and it is a great learner (probably the Club is too, for that matter). Even though the various family members use other unicycles for Muni, hops, drops, etc, the LX is always there to work on idling, riding backwards, riding Seat in Front (SIF), unusual mounts, etc. It seems someone is always doing something on it and it hasn’t broken yet. but again, we don’t push the limits with it.

You didn’t mention your weight. A 220lb fat guy (like myself) has to be much more careful not to break the LX than either of my extra skinny kids. If you are a lighter weight person, you would be surprised at what you can do on either uni and not break it.

It is true that the LX saddle is not great, but it is certainly not the worst I’ve experienced. It is fine for learning and even for riding a mile or two.

However, after having said all that, since neither one will be a bomb-proof uni that will hold up to everything, I would get the one with the better saddle. Why not call UDC and ask them which uni has the better seat?