Club 20” for flatland tricks?

I’ve been wanting to do more flatland tricks to improve my skill set and overall control. I’m practicing leg wraps and have been very slowly getting better.

Look at those small cranks though! That’s pretty hard to balance on! My question is, do you need thicker cranks to do leg wrap, seat wrap, rolling wrap, etc? I’m happy with my current setup as far as learning freestyle tricks, but I want to be able to do freestyle and flatland on one unicycle.

I don’t know; maybe the cranks don’t matter that much and it’s just hard anyway. Any advice as far as what cranks to use or does it not matter?

Yes, different cranks will help. It’s possible with your cranks, leg wraps and seat wraps should be very doable for now, but wider cranks that are nicer to stand on will help. Especially roll tricks will be a lot easier ( good cranks are almost a requirement for learning I think)

Unfortunately, no square taper cranks that are any good to stand on are on the market now, as far as I know. Nimbus Ventures had a square taper version and are okay (at least much better than what you have), so if you happen to find a set of those for cheap…
If you do go the new wheelset with Isis route, Mad4one techno are probably the best for rolls that is available in “freestyle sizes”, followed by Nimbus VCX

I see Nimbus Venture 2 cranks on Those are 75 mm. Do they have 114 mm cranks anywhere? I assume square cranks are the same as cotterless? When I search for cotterless cranks, all that comes up is the same ones I have in different sizes.

Also, when I stand on the left crank and practice leg wraps, I hear a sound. It sounds/feels like the crank is moving down a tiny bit. It doesn’t happen every time, just most of the time. It’s barely noticeable, but it definitely is there. I don’t notice it at all while riding, mounting, or doing any other trick. It’s only when I stand on the left crank most of the time. Right crank is totally fine. I don’t think I need to tighten my bearing as the wheel doesn’t shake at all and the unicycle rides smoothly. Is this a problem with the inner part of the bearing? How might I fix whatever the problem is?

Perhaps you just need to tighten the crank bolt. Square taper cranks occasionally loosen, well I suppose that’s true of all parts, but a good cranking down on that bolt should stop the sound and feeling you get. If it is the bearing, then you might need a new one or maybe just repack the current one. And then the obvious solution, if it isn’t a big problem, then it isn’t a big problem and you should be fine, but if something becomes more noticeable, then start trying to figure it out.


Unfortunately nimbus ventures are not produced anymore (as far as I know), so they will be hard to find. Maybe send udc an email, occasionally there is leftover stock somewhere that isn’t in the online stores (at least I know that to be the case on the German site). I’m not sure if they had 114, but definetely 100mm and 125mm.