CLOSED - ISO:32h or 36h Isis hub

Hey everyone,

Seeking a 32H or 36h Isis hub in good condition, can be steel to aluminum. Preferably without disc attachment.

Let me know what you have!

If interested as well, I’ve got a set of 44/10.5 M US Five Ten Sleuth DLX shoes (never worn) and higher end MTB pads (used 2 times), size medium, that I’d be willing to trade as well and we split shipping or something.

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Those are super hard to get hold of from what I’ve understood.

The only ones actually in stock and being made I think are these:

Of course transport to your location is likely costly. I have been toying with getting one for another project.

Looks like a lovely solid steel hub at 32h

The seller is on this forum , maybe you can ask him a few questions.

here are the rates for uninsured packages. Insurance up to 150.- and registered costs 6.- extra. All packages have arrived so far. Package price is for 1 hub - 1kg. You can select the country, then the tariff will be displayed. I know the postage costs from Switzerland are high. But I can’t change it. I currently have 70 pieces in stock


I have ordered from with the postage link that’s been provided.
I have had no problems with the hub or the hub being delivered


Good to know, I’m going to try and see if I can source a used one first to save a but of money.

36 no contest.

You’ll have more rim options with 32h as 36h is old hat now.

I’m actually in favor of 48 spokes :slight_smile: That’s simply the best and when you know how little 12 additional spokes weigh, the weight argument does not apply. However, 48-hole rims are difficult to obtain and the selection is small. In addition, 20" wheels with 48 spokes are difficult to spoke because there is very little space.

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I know it looks like they are asking full retail but maybe they will take a reasonable offer.

UDC UK lists the Nimbus 32 hole disc steel hub; of course you’d still have the shipping cost (but minus the VAT).

32 hole has been fine for me on two muni wheels, a 29" I’ve had for a decade (Nimbus hub + KH rim; apparently both brands approved of 32H back then) and a 32H Light Bicycle carbon rim I laced to a 36H Qu-Ax hub.

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I was able to source a 36h locally, but thanks everyone for the option! Most of the ones from the EU are about $150 CAD before duties for me so the used option was best.

The problem with 48h is that there is no good rim options anymore. There are far better built rims in 32 and 36h. A 32h wheel built by a professional wheel builder with good components will perform much better than a 48h with cheapish parts. I’ve been on 32h for several years on 20 and 27.5’’ wheels and no issues, and I’m not really soft on my gear. That being said, for what @Sexy will be using his wheel for, it wont make much of a difference as long as it’s built well.

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I’d really love to see if someone build a wheel with the 4x9 grouped pattern.

Hey everyone,

I appreciate the enthusiasm for the topic but if we’re not discussing possible hubs for me can it be in another thread please?

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