clicking sound in left pedal


I have a KH 20 inch trial sinds 2 weeks. And my left pedal makes a clicking sound. The strange thing is that I used the right pedal and cranks for crank hangs. So i douldn’t damege it.

Is there somebody who knows what there could be the problem.


Re: clicking sound in left pedal

Is the pedal tight in the crank? The clicking might be the threads rattling.

Does it click when you spin it by hand? If so then either the bearings are damaged or the bearings are lose. Time for an overhaul.

It makes the sound if i’am spinning the pedal with my hand. It is a problem inside of the predal.

And i have this unicycle not long. So it isn’t possible to get damage. I have my unicycle sinds Friday the 12th of December


Is it a light clicking sound? It is possible that the pedal was built with one too few balls in the bearing. Can you take it apart?

If it has sealed bearings then this isn’t the problem. Quality control on seald bearings is quite good. If they are loose ball bearings then count them. If the left and right pedals don’t match then that’s the problem. Get a matched set of balls of the same size and rebuild the pedal.

Why a matched set? Because ball bearings can’t be made to exact tolerances. The manufacturers make them then sort them by size. Introducing a new ball into an existing set risks having one that doesn’t match the others.

Is it critical that they match? Not really. It only matters if you want the pedals to last for a while.

Thank you very much. I will try this. But now it’s Christmas eve in the Netherlands. It is 7:30 in the evening.


I had a clicking sound in my pedal as well, although i dont have a KH i have a summit 20’ but they have the same bearings/cranks/pedals so its not a big deal. I had this problem as well, and while my bearing was loose i still had the clicking after i tightened it and found that it was just a loose reflector in the pedal, eventually the reflector fell of and tada no more clicking…even the tight ones can click a little bit, so try the reflector theory and if it does not work, lemme know if one of the other suggestions you received worked because then i can check mine for that as well… good luck

the exact same thing was happening on my summit 20"
come to think of it, on my bike too
i figured it was the reflector, as it’s new and hasnt taken very much damage

It’s probably the crappy wellgo’s. They have the worst bearings ever, Just trash them and get some Snafu old style ball bearing pedals.

Situation Normal All F*cked Up

Yeah get Snafus!

I was lucky enough to have snafu’s come with my KH.

Re: Situation Normal All F*cked Up

I have just checked them. And I have got Snafus on my KH.


ok, maybe i take it back coz now I’ve got a very noticable creaking/clicking noise comin from my right pedal. Does anyone know if u can take these pedals apart to have a look at the bearings?

Re: clicking sound in left pedal

eenwieler wrote:

> I have a KH 20 inch trial sinds 2 weeks. And my left pedal makes a
> clicking sound.

Have you already solved the problem?
Just wondering because my brother also had a clicking noise in his left
pedal. We tought it was the pedal, but the crank wasn’t tightened enough.


I guess it is just dirty but I will take a close look tomorrow.
Than I will clean him very well.