Clicking noise on new unicycle

I just got my new 29" Nimbus, and there’s a slight clicking noise I wanted to get a verdict on before I start really riding it. If I hold it by the saddle and spin the wheel, I hear 3 small clicks in a row during one part of the rotation. Would this typically be caused by the bearings connecting the frame to the hub being too tight or too loose? Or something with the spokes? Just want to know if this is something I should live with or figure out.

Thank you!

The spokes will only creak or pop when there is stress on the wheel. Sounds like maybe your bearing holders are a bit too tight.

if you have the standard nimbus pedals it might be that they just need stomping on the noise isnt a defect its just the type of bearings they use jsut mount up and put in a big forcefull jump and that will sort them out

It could also be a loose or ungreased ISIS interface. My Torker DX began creaking (while riding) and I couldn’t track it down - until I took the cranks off (they were on tight) and put some grease on there.
Not anything to keep me from riding it, but in my mind, unicycles should be silent.


It does sound as if they are too tight.

The bearing holders should only be tightened enough so they wont move when you grab them by hand. The bearings are easy to distort by tightening the bearing holders, this causes the wheel to not spin properly and makes the bearings creak.

If you have over tightened them and the unicycle is almost new you will probably be ok. If you have damaged them permanently contact your supplier to arrange replacement.