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Simple as that. (converts in 30 mins)

Big fat Dirty Needlez.

Awesome video !! You should get the triple down the 8 set next time we ride :wink:

I like the rev down that set at the end. Wish the vid was longer.:smiley:

Wow, thats awesome man! I can’t imagine how the team vid with all members is going to be… EPIC!

Keep it up :smiley:

Awesome man, RAAAAAAAAWR
Diiiiirty neeeedlez!!! Have to say that in all of our vids now, yep.
Flip onto the table them 180 off was good, flowy street.

But seriously man, if you can rev something, you can flip it.

Will someone please explain the origin of this new team?

Cool vid.

For sure, I can feel it!

I really hope the video happens, i might film some more today or tomorrow

Yeah just gotta work on them a bit and il have it

Team Dirty Needlez originated at Unicon, its made up largely from the 14 people that bunked at lodge in the city but includes a few other worthy people that joined us in the festivities.

oh ok i see thats pretty awesome. how did ya’ll come up with the name?

joe waddington and dan cowling were going to c a DJ called Dirty Needlez (join his facebook fanclub if u want) and they were quite excited about it and kept on saying “Diiiiiiiiiirty Neeeedlez” and it was a catchy saying and everyone soon caught on

No don’t join their fanclub. Join TEAM dirty needlez insted ;p

Clicked, watched, enjoyed, commented.

I think it had something to do with Phil selling Pele a turntable and needle. They might want to clarify that. And the name is just fucking awesome lol.