Cleaning your unicycle

I read somewhere that you should clean your unicycle every once and awhile. Is this true? If it is how often should you clean it and how thorough do you need to be?

many people never clean their unis, in these days of growing numbers of non-ferrous components you don’t even have to worry about rust. My pedal internals are the only part I bother to clean with any regularity.

It’s a personal thing

All my unis and motorcycles are kinda grungy. My friends who wash and wax their motorbikes do end up with new looking paint that lasts almost forever though. :roll_eyes: So a little car wax every month or so might be worthwhile if you are the shiny type. I rinse the mud off lightly with a garden hose and call it done.

Two things to remember, a pressure washer, aimed at the bearings, can blast all the grease out in a second. Never let a duffus near your uni with a pressure washer ! :astonished:

Blasting water with a garden hose, directly at the bearings is also a bad idea. The seals will keep out a gentle drizzle no trouble.

Keep it Clean

every six months I re-grease cranks’, pull apart the entire uni and re-asemble grease and tighten all screws.

When my MUni gets grungy, I just ride through a creek bed!:stuck_out_tongue:

i do nothing, and my uni is fine…
actually, if it gets really sandy, i bang it around on the concrete/road until its mostly clean… then i ride it…

pressurewashing a uni does nothing, i’ve done it a number of times… and nothing has turned sour because of it.

I just cleaned mine yesterday.:smiley:

But that was just because I was removing the sticky residue from the nimbus stickers. But other than that, cleaning a unicycle is just dumb, it make us look like clowns who care about their appearance with their shiny unicycles.

By the way udc I hate your stickers. I had to spend 3 dollars on a bottle of goo gone just to take the sticky gum off.

ha ha with you there!:smiley:

removing sticker glue

spray it with wd40, and wipe it off a half hour later.:slight_smile:

I’m a founding member of Team Never Wash Your Muni. :smiley:

When the muni gets dirty I just brush off the dirt. It is pointless to wash it because the next ride will get it all dirty again.

i just clean out the bearing holders whenever i change the tire. they get pretty nasty pretty quick. :roll_eyes: other than that, i never really do anything except bang the unicycle on the ground to shake loose the excess dirt from a muni ride.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with Terry and John on this one. Don’t really see the point of washing my MUni partcularly as it’s winter here at the moment and raining most days, so I’m always riding through some mud.

Wow, looks like no one cares about there beloved unis. I always try and keep my unis looking nice especialy after spending so much money on them, getting them powdercoated and stuff so they looks nice. It doesnt take long to quickly go round with a cloth and some polish, wipe it down and give it a shine. I am proad of my unis and like them looking nice. I still ride them just as hard but I always keep everything well maintained and keep it all looking nice. Im sure they will apretiate it and will last longer because of it.

I agree with Sparky Mark in theory

But in practice I am real lazy. He’s a shiner ! Nothing wrong with that, or at least we all admire their gear. :slight_smile:

I have had lots of stuff corrode into junk over the years. It helps to live next to the sea in the tropics I guess. :frowning:

One tip I have for you northern riders, is that object deterioration is controlled by temperature. Keep your uni in the cold garage, rather then bring it into the warm house to dry it off. It will look newer longer the less sun it sees and the colder it is. Sun and warmth rot tires, paint and seat covers, warmth spurs corrosion. If you have a cold shed space, that is best. It is almost like putting food in the fridge. It won’t last forever, but use cold to your advantage if you have it.

Normally I never clean them, just chuck them back in the garage after a ride.

However occasionally I do need to.:smiley:


ahaha I know you do :wink:

He even resprays his seatpost when it gets scratched… I don’t really do much, clean the bearings and holders when i take the wheel off, and sometimes wipe the dirt off the rim, but since I ride street most of them time there’s hardly anything to do.

I agree with sparky marky, I clean my uni! I take mine apart maybe once every 2 months and clean everything and get some car polish to it. It doesn’t take long and just keeps my uni looking a bit better. It cost me enough, I’d rather it looked cool! (it does :D) I also keep my uni on its custom built stand in my bed room… my unicycle is pampered :smiley:

I don’t do much because I mostly ride street and do trials stuff (No mountains:( ). I clean it off and make it all shiny evey once and awhile though.:smiley:

I don’t like how the grease sticks to my tongue…

:stuck_out_tongue: yech