clean mud off tyres?

I did an hour of MUni this morning. Yesterday it had rained all day
and the trails were quite muddy. My beastly tyre profile ran full of
mud (so it effectively turned into a slick tyre) and then on a
downhill the tyre just slipped away from under me (no bad fall, just
stepped off). By the time I arrived home the tyre had partly cleaned
itself, but what remained of the mud I just left there to dry.

I wonder: do people generally clean their tyre from mud after a ride?

Klaas Bil

I posted only a single copy of this message.

I usually just spray off my tire (use a brush or old tothbrush if necessary) after a ride, and then usaually just wipe off my uni with a paper towl (frame, hub, rim, seat if necessary) and hub/axle) the following day, i use some"bike lust"
on the above mentioned parts to give them a nice shine, and it also help keep mud off on the next ride. Sometimes, if I know that i’m going on a really muddy ride (like MUni after rain) a couple hours before, i spray on some car tire cleaner products. This stuff makes it so the mud just flies off while riding (really clean/slick/slimey tire surface) this stuff makes your traction much better when riding, but i only use it when i need to because i d’ont think it’s very good for the tire

That pretty much resets my uni back to “pre-ride” condition and it’s all ready for the next ride:)

i hope that helps

Just after a muddy ride I use a stick to clean out most of the mud from in between the lugs. I find it easier to get most of it off while it is still wet. It’s also a good time to check the tire for tears etc. and general rim condition.

I usually spray down my MUni after a muddy ride (avoiding the bearings) and then spaying all the potential rust areas with WD40.

Don’t spend too long cleaning your tyre- it should have some mud left on it along the sidewall so that people can see what you’ve been doing with your MUni. (Unless you’re travelling to another country; or wheeling your MUni into a designer fashion store because they won’t like it)

Ken :stuck_out_tongue:

So, so true!

I’ve just moved back up to York and am trying to keep it as muddy as possible so people are even more impressed.

After one 15 minute ride:

3 “you’ve lost a wheel”
1 “you’ve got no wheel” (?)
2 hummings of the circusy tune
6 “wow!” or words to that effect (yeah!!! :))

…And, as of 5 minutes ago, I’ve got nice’n’speedy network access too. <heads of to download loads of uni videos>

Phil, just me

Re: clean mud off tyres?

Klaas Bil wrote:

> I wonder: do people generally clean their tyre from mud after a ride?

I usually spray my uni off with a high pressure hose, followed by a
quick wipe down with a rag. Sometimes, the caked mud comes off during
the ride home from the trail so I don’t bother.

Also, I store my uni upside down hanging from a tire hook, so I always
stuff a rag between the tire and the frame to prevent mud and muck from
dripping down into the frame tubing off the tire during the first couple
hours of drying.


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Re: clean mud off tyres?

On Sun, 06 Oct 2002 23:12:27 GMT, (Klaas Bil) wrote:

>I wonder: do people generally clean their tyre from mud after a ride?

Judging from the responses, the answer is yes. Well, as I said I
didn’t, and left the mud to dry on the tyre in my garage. Today I
uni’d again. In the first few tens of metres, the tyre shed virtually
all of the dried mud. Tyre cleaning? No thanks!

Klaas Bil

I posted only a single copy of this message.