Clarification on suicide mount

I have a question about the suicide mount. Do you let go of the seat, then jump, then land, without grabbing the seat again? Or do you let go of the seat, jump, then grab the seat again as you’re landing on the seat? I am able to do the latter, but I am not sure if it is a real suicide mount, since I let go of the seat, jump above the uni, but grab the seat with my hand again right as I’m coming down on it. Somebody please clarify this for me!


You don’t re-grab the seat. Just let go and that’s it!


If you’re grabbing the seat as you land it may not technically be a proper suicide mount, but it is in my opinion. Besides, if you’re up to that stage it probably won’t take too much longer to be able to land without grabbing.


I’ve only seen one video of the suicide mount and it was on and the rider did grab the seat as he was coming down on it. Any more opinions on this?

I could easily be wrong, I just thought you couldn’t grab the seat. I often do what you can see in the photo where I’ll grab the seat just a litle bit after I land…


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Re: Clarification on suicide mount

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> You don’t re-grab the seat. Just let go and that’s it!

Grabbing the seat makes it a “jump mount”.

It’s called Suicide for a reason - no hands!!!

David Winston


DavidWinston and Onlyonewheel are absolutely correct.

Ok, today I landed a real suicide mount by not grabbing the seat with my hand as I landed on it. I guess I just got confused because of the video on and the description on says that you let go of the uni before your feet leave the floor but it doesn’t say you don’t grab the seat again. I guess what I was doing before was like a half suicide mount.

again, Vids to come.