Civilians distinguish unicycling from clowning

I attended a meeting the other day to finalize plans for a “Cycle Germantown” event in my town.

I arrived and was handed an outline for the upcoming meeting. I introduced myself and said I was with Memphis Unicycle Club and wondered if they wouldn’t mind if we set-up a display and rode at their event. They erupted into various forms of laughter. One lady pointed down at the agenda paper in my hand to show me that someone was going to be assigned to contact MUC anyway.

There, typed neatly was the line item:

“2:30 Entertainment begins - clowns, unicycles, etc.”

These are cycle enthusiasts of every kind - road and offroad. The local folks had seen me riding the 29er around town. The MBers had seen us MUni on the trails. We’ve participated in their Christmas parades. Even though we are mentioned in the same breath as the clowns, they clearly are considering clowns and unicyclists two separate forms of entertainment. Conversation confirmed this.

I do believe the tide is turning.

Just wait till we’re done with our trials demo…

I think this is great. I’m actively involved with bicycling organizations in my town and am looking forward to raising awareness around unicycling as a bona fide sporting activity. I’ve recently begun noticing more unicyclist using their wheels for transportation and for exercise. Go unicyclists!!

We even have a commuting unicyclist on the 2004 cover of QBP. He appears to be wheel-walking, but that’s ok. :smiley:

wow. thats great. look at my nick

Hmmm… they seem to have still put you in the same category as clowns… just entertainment? I think you should put on a bit of a show and show them what you can do. Maybe next time you’ll be seperated from the clowns.

Re: Civilians distinguish unicycling from clowning

We’ll send the clowns to Davy Jones’ locker! Yaar.:wink:

Man that’s weird… I actually just watched Praites of the Caribbean last night… weird.

But why is the rum gone?

we realy need to get over this clown complex.

i for one don’t realy care that unicycling is associated with clowns.

clowns don’t need to be seen as embarasing idiots,
they can be scary and evil too.

i’m sure that if i was a scary and evil clown i’d want to ride a trials unicycle, and murder people at skateparks. moohahaha

Re: Civilians distinguish unicycling from clowning

So will this confirm that you are clowns, or that you are not clowns?:smiley: :wink:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

unicycling not clowning

I can’t juggle whatsoever, I can’t diablo, I can’t do anything other than unicycle, I’m not even very good on a boring 2 wheeled bike.

I use my unicycle as transport all the time unless I’m in a hurry or going a long way.

Folk always say “Are you from the circus”, “Can you juggle”, etc. I don’t really mind but it would be better if people could distinguish between unicycling and being a clown.

The big silly grin doesn’t help me tho!!!