Ciclotte Monowheel Inspired Exercise "Bike"

I came across this Italian unicycle inspired “luxury fitness bike” concept that looks like it’s going into production …

It’s a slick looking design made out of carbon fiber that reminds me of one of the old unicycle illustrations/patents from a UNI Magazine back issue.

No mention of price, but I imagine this thing will set you back quite a bit. Perhaps we’ll see these in the warm-up pits of the Pro Unicycle Tour in the next few years? :wink:


carbon and fiberglass in a stationary machine?

I guess that makes it lighter from moving it into your house. But then, don’t you have a butler for that? :roll_eyes:

It does look pretty cool though. :sunglasses:

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Has anyone ever ridden this without a stand. I do not think so at a pricetag of 10-000 €. But nice concept, maybe one can integrate gears.

It does look very cool, but maybe form over function? The “handlebars” don’t look comfortable at all…

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Yep. At first glance it looks like ridable art for rich people.