Chronicle on channel 5 in Boston

My friends Dan and Joey and I got interviewed the other day for Chronicle, a news magazine show on channel 5 (WCVB-TV) in Boston. I think it went pretty well. They talked with us for a little while, and than got some footage of us doing some MUni and a little trials in the snow. We had a hard time convincing them that we wouldn’t hurt ourselves. They kept trying to get us to just ride along this flat path, but we insisted on riding a steep snow covered hill.

I haven’t heard from them yet when it will air. I’ll post here when I know. Unfortunately, I don’t think people outside of our area will be able to see it. I hope they don’t screw it up.


You’re really getting the coverage lately, Ben. Congratulations. From what I’ve seen, you deserve it. Keep it up, you would be an excellent, high-profile representative of the sport.