Christmas Vid 2011

Here’s a short Christmas video I’ve been spending the few past days making :slight_smile:
I mostly focused on filming and editing for this video, so the riding isn’t aything special.

Special thanks to the Brink brothers, for riding with me in Nyborg, and to my brother for looking at my edit and telling my what could be better.

I would like to hear what you think about the edit/filming! Most of all I’d like to hear what could be better, so I can make even better videos! :smiley:

Very good video Anton! I love howe clean everything was.
Like to see how you just don’t think about falling with your 24".
Looks like you just jump on and over everything you see. :smiley:
It’s also a sick allround video!

good vid :slight_smile: loved the filming, music, smooth riding…
the only critics I have is that you maby show to much landscapes :stuck_out_tongue: Its nice, but don’t use it to much otherwise we focus to much on it and forget about the riding in the vid…

That’s true! I walked up to this small road I can ride flat on. And it was just all wet, so I couldn’t ride much, so I decided to focus more on my filming, than riding, since I wasn’t able to do any crazy tricks (I was actually close to do a 720 for the first time in really long time, but didn’t land it successfully). Therefore I had a lot of nature clips, and thought I just wanted to use them…

Hopefully the weather will be good enough for street riding again soon!!

Lol! That’s the same problem here in Holland. :smiley:

~25% on the high end for non riding scenes (scenery, showing equipment, joking around w/ friends, etc.). Anything more than that and the extra stuff has too be really good and not too long of segments (each of yours were a bit long IMO), also all the rest of the vid needs to be top notch. This seems to be true of all of the great vids/DVD’s I’ve seen and the best ones all have about 25% of extra stuff, no matter the sport.

The scenery shots you had were awsome and the quality of the image (angles, background, etc) reminded me of the best ski/MTB/snowboard DVD’s I have. They just need to be a bit shorter and better connection to the riding scenes (like the ending shot).

Thank you so much for this comment! :smiley: This is pretty much what I wanted to hear, kind of… I know that my videos aren’t “perfect” so I really appreciate critic that will help me to do better videos in the future! :slight_smile: