Christmas Eve - great day to MUni!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone. It was a great day to be out MUni’ing. Hardly anyone else was out walking or riding the trails - busy last minute shopping or, perhaps, early Christmas celebrating? Whatever the reason I enjoyed the quiet of the woods, the cold of that ‘its just about going to snow’ time of year, the frozen ground, iced over puddles and the perfect MUni machine to ride.

Gotta love riding around on the fat tire, showing off the orange powder coated frame to no one in particular and just having fun knowing that all the Christmas presents are bought and wrapped, no work for the next 10 days and nothing needs doing except riding my MUni on Christmas Eve.

Hope you get all the uni’s and uni parts you put on your wish list - well, ok maybe that’s a bit ambitious… hope you get at least some of what was on that long list!

Have a great Christmas!


My brother and I spent Christmas Eve revisiting a nearby forest, as it was actually quite warm and pleasant. No less muddy though… all ranges of mud from totally waterlogged tracks through fields that were next to impossible to ride through to muddy trails through the woods that were an absolute blast, riding along as fast as possible spraying mud and water everywhere.

I was actually quite surprised how many people we saw… a number of times we passed people walking dogs and even two runners.

It was a good road test for my new muni handle… it definitely makes things a lot easier compared to the normal miyata one, it’s so much more solid.

Phil, just me

(This is my brother, stuck in the mud…)

While I didn’t have a chance to take my Muni for a spin, I learnt ONE FOOT WHEEL WALKING!!! Christmas Eve (when it was nice and dark) and I can NOT WAIT to be able to glide (it will be a while though. . .)

Hey Jonny, that gliding may be sooner than you think… I only just learned to 1 Ft ww on christmas eve, and I did glide about 10 feet on christmas day. (without falling off at the end. back onto the pedals and everything) But you will see its not as far away as you may think.

Just so you all know…
Unicycling in the ocean is fun.