Chris Martin (Coldplay) in an elephant suit on a unicycle

For Coldplays new video to Paradise Chris Martin is in an elephant suit on a unicycle.

I like it!

The unicycle footage begins at about 1:55 and goes to about 2:55. The rider (maybe it is Chris Martin) takes off his elephant head at about 2:22. Whoever it is, they are an OK rider.

But wait, he’s not gazing at his shoes.

Does anyone recognize that currency?
Where can one paper bill and about 8 coins buy a unicycle?
It was at that point I was sure the elephant was not real.

They could be Euro!
The paper can be a 10€.
And, one Euro paper can buy one great unicycle! If you use one 500€ paper…

It was in the future.

That would be South African Rand. It looks like 1 R50 note, 3 R5’s, 4 50c’s and a 5c (R67.05 equivalent to 6 Euro). In reality you couldn’t buy an OnlyOne of any wheel size for that price. In the creative world of video anything is possible, especially if your dressed as an elephant.