Chris Huriwai - Unused Clips - Street Unicycling

Going to start working on a new video, this is just a build up of clips that I don’t like and have been sitting on my computer since I made my last video.

I LITERALLY YELLED OUT LOUD WHEN I SAW YOU RIDE DOWN THE RAIL!!! Holy crap chris! your amazing!!! :slight_smile: i love you man!

would you put it up on vimeo or something? not viewable in germany because of the music…

This is soooooo awesome… The ride down the rail was seriously insane. The backslide was really nice as well.

Your back??

… still yelling from that rail ride …

My back is fine. I’m not sure how I hurt it, but I hurt it on my first attempt at the rail ride, later that month I went back and did it again without hurting my back. The doctors didn’t tell me what was wrong with it, they just said: its not broken, your free to go. Weirdos.

Try this,i haven’t tried because i cant think of any blocked videos.

How to bypass YouTube Region Filtering ?
YouTube uses your computer IP address to determine your physical location / country. In order to bypass these country-specific restrictions on YouTube, try this trick:
If the URL of the YouTube video is

If that doesnt work just search on youtube for ways to bypass country ban :slight_smile:

really loved the rail ride!! remember me of luke collalto style!!! i so miss this guy doing street vids!

awesome man…love the 180 late outflip, havent seen those in years! luke c used to do them. :slight_smile: rail ride was wicked! the 360 lateflip down the 4 was niiice and you are early catching inwards varial flips now too!?!

you da man chris :slight_smile:

Chris you are my hero =)

Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!! The rail was sick! Hold on, these are clips that you don’t like?!

If I didn’t like these clips I wouldn’t have bothered uploading them from my camera to my computer lol. I just made this video because it was a build up of random clips that I had accumulated since I made my last video. I was waiting to film things I was happy with but because I didn’t and because nothing in this video stood out for me I decided to use the clips for this video before all the footage got out dated.

Someone pointed out I say I don’t like these clips at the start of this thread :stuck_out_tongue: Ok to clear that up, I don’t like MOST of the clips xD. The only clips I like, that I would put in a vid I’m happy with is the flip line, rail ride and the 360lateflip down the 4. Only reasons I didn’t save them is because I want the flip line faster, trick out of the rail ride and the 360lateflip cleaner.

Some of these clips were filmed in America, I hurt myself over there so didn’t end up making an America video. Clips from the latest nationals, didn’t get enough footage for a complete nationals video so chucked them in here. And random bits and bobs that I had filmed inbetween those times.

Ok, I’m sorry this is off topic, but I made an AMAZING revelation just now! At NAUCC, I was the other GoPro guy that didn’t think you knew how to ride…
We also had a GoPro fight thing…
That’s AMAZING! I didn’t know that was you! Bummer you got hurt at natinals…