Chpogne (you know, the silly Unicon game) loser!!

It was on july the 24th during the unicon, Keukeul, Beber and I introduced Gilby (j’embarque! or Jambarca!), Jess, Ryan (Yo, that man’s a fool!), and Jeff into the fabulous world of “le chpogne”.
One of our challenge was to become a registered user of this forum within one month.
We all were already registered except Beber and Keukeul.
So, Beber is know known as “Bertornado”… but keukeul is still missing :angry: !
what do you think would be a good “punishment” for Keukeul?

Take His Soul!

Nahhh. That does not really hurt …

Take away all his unicycles, if you want a real punishment :smiley:

Shave a bit of his hair! (only funny to people who went to UNICON and played chpogne with Ryan)

Given is 50cm long dread locks, it would be a shame to shave a part of his hair…:frowning:
funny though :roll_eyes: :smiley:

Give him the beatdown.


Sorry Tom, you’ll have to explain me what “the beatdown” is :o
Is it some scottish slang?:wink: or am I really such a noob? :thinking:

It’s a severe beating.

Deal him a terrific mauling if that’s easier.