China unicycling trip 2017

Hi guys!
This summer me(36) and my friends(3 bicycles) did a cycling trip from Xian to Shenchi ~ 1200 km. It took 3 weeks of ride and 2 weeks for rest and travel.

It was cultural trip - we did some sightseeing
So our road was:
Yakutsk - Blagoveshesk - Heihe - Harbin - Xian (bus and trains)
Xian - Yanan - Yulin - Shenmu - Shenchi and a lot of small towns and villages (unicycle and bicycle)
Shenchi - Datong -Beijing - Harbin - Heihe - Blagoveshensk - Yakutsk (trains and bus)

Here is the video:

Enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing. It looked like a great trip !

Was it some sort of caterpillar that you tried in the restaurant ??

Yes. I think it was larva silkworm.

Wow! Amazing! I don’t think I can unicycle that long. I’m okay with unicycling but it gets tiring after a while. Would rather go on long distance with a bike.