Chicago uni jam tomorrow

Hey everyone. Chicagounicycle and I are planning to do some riding this saturday (21st). Is anyone else interested in joining us? We still don’t have a definite time or place so we’re open to suggestions.

Here is the vid from our last ride in downtown chicago…chicago unicycling

Legs are sore… eh…

I would be up for this Saturday except I already made plans… Are you guys open for planning a future weekend? (with some advance…)

so you think its within ridding distance for me? :thinking:

yea dude. we will definately have more advance on the next one… speaking of that what are some good dates???

I’d beable to go if it was sometime early next week, can’t tomorrow.

Me too. Tuesday would work. Probably too late to organize that though.

The next three weekends are open for me currently. Although, I will not be not reserving them until I hear some sort of consensuses as to a future group ride date; however, since this ride is on a weekend I guess that the weekday people get dibs next unless us weekend people greatly outrank the week-day riders.

weekday ride

Hey all, chicagounicycle and I decided to cancel the ride tomorrow in favor of doing something a little later when everyone is less busy.

boo mentioned that a ride on tuesday would work well and the same goes for me (I’m up for anything after 2:00).

Would tuesday work for anyone else?

Any suggestions on where to ride?

The soonest I could get off work on Tuesday would be 2:30 which would allow me to barely make the 3:00 train.

By the way, nice 36"

Yo I would love to film for you guys. I’m in the LP area and I’m also majoring in film, so this would really help me out. Can you let me know next time you guys go out and about?

I’m living down in southern illinois at SIU now, but my parents home is not too far from the city. I’ll be visiting up there later in the summer and would love to ride with you guys. If you are able to plan a date in advance I’d probably plan the date of my trip around it.


yo that would be sick man… is this jam still going on tomorrow, or are we gonna plan for date thats a week or two out?

well I’m only in town for the week and I wasn’t able to bring a unicycle as planned. unless somebody has one I can use tomorrow, i can’t do it.

hmm, bummer you don’t have a uni boo. I’m not sure if this ride tomorrow will go through, still haven’t heard back from a some people. If we do have it though I could bring my 20" dx and coker so you would have something to ride.

-If anybody is still interested in having the jam tomorrow just post a reply with what times would be best for you.

-or we could wait for another week.

thanks man. doesn’t sound like too many people have committed just yet, but i’d appreciate it if the ride does go down.

i wouldn’t be able to make it until 530 or 6 though. i don’t know what time you guys wanted to ride.

I’m thinking we would do it at 5:30 at millennium park, cloud gate like we did last time.

Hey I can definitely film and have some equip to do it, I just am not available during the week unless it’s earlier than 5 p.m. (except Friday aka Freeday). Sorry! If you do decide to do it at a different time, please let me know. My friend and I are a pretty sick combo for filming/editing and I’ve been looking to make a uni video or two for a while now.

Hey guys i am really sorry, i hate to do this but something really important came up and I won’t be able to make it today.

Ulyssenitrate9 do you have videos that you have already done online anywhere?

I do not at this time, as I’ve never had the opp. to film other unicyclists. I have a hand-held stablizer and a decent video camera, both of which I’ve used to make regular videos for class and my own personal enjoyment. I recently won runner-up for an OWater Video contest, and if you’d like to check out that, go on YouTube and search “Brendan OWater”

I would love to come out though and film other unicyclists doing tricks and just riding around, I just am not available until Fri, Sat, and Sun. If anyone would like to help me out by giving me something film so I can grow in camera and editing experience (and hopefully help out you or any other unicyclists work on their skills by reviewing the footage), let me know!

Any plans for this weekend?

sweet video bro… i just check it out on youtube:

we got some footage from previous rides… however i would be up for a ride this Sat or Sun