Chicago April 09 Meet Up Ride

watch in hd (its not true hd but its good quality)



nice vid, but there were too much grinds in it :roll_eyes:

nice vid but to much grinds:(

?maby they like to grind, do a movie have to be perfect balanced all the time? see it for what it is :). the only thing that counts is that you like what you´re doing, i liked your bikes, they are goodlooking, and it´s fun to see how you advance to bigger rails from sktepark rails.
Liked it!

wow man
thanks for notifying me about a chicago ride
ps i met two new unicyclists

I know, I always forget to tell you:o. We keep organizing these pretty spontaneously.

Awesome video I liked the grinds.

really like the late flip at 1:35 it was really clean and sooo late
nice vid guys

keep it up

Thanks everyone. Next video won’t be only rails… We were at a skatpark most of the time so that is what we did the most.

That was one of his first lateflips. He learned how to do them that day.

Not enough flips or flatland :stuck_out_tongue:

:astonished: :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatever, it went faster to write that way… :sunglasses:

Was pretty cool. I liked the grinds and the late flip was nice. Not a fan of your orange uni though, not atall.

That was great…

Looked like a lot of fun. Though, there were a lot of grinds.

Cool video though. Oh, and you have a beautiful unicycle, Zachary!


Thanks for the Comments! We spent most of the day at the skatepark and it was too much fun grinding. Next time we will try and plan some better lines out though they might be for making a collab vid of people in chicago so they won’t come out right away.

Thanks Isaac, it was worth the long wait, I love it!:smiley:

Yep it is. I was having issues with the seat clamp. Actually my tire is on backwards too (but that was an accident I haven’t fixed).