Check these out!

To bad they are in the UK anyone know a north american dealer? Ther not on

those look awesome

are they plates that screw onto pinned pedals, or are they pedals with grind plates?

I have those. They’re pretty nice I guess, but the pins are WAY too long. I ended up grinded the pins in half.

Pretty grippy, makes a good trials pedal, little heavy but they grind good.

You can buy either just the pedal, or both the pedal and plates. They bolt right into the sides of the pedal.

Here’s another thread: Full Throttle Grinding Pedals

Well. They were holding up fine. I just bent one of these pedals after doing a 4ish foot drop 5-6 times.

I’ve been doing a couple 6 footers, several 5 or so, and tons of 4 feet and under drops since I got them in april…

I have those pedals minus the grind plates. I got them for free from Cycle Lambert for some reason (I really forget why). The pins all fell out after some pedal grabs on my left pedal (the side I hop to) so I had to put them in upside down. Now they stay in :slight_smile: . They hold up OK, but they are not that great of pedals.

i want those